The gender disparity in STEM fields explained

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Obama f_cked up bad this time

Michelle and Obama just had their 22nd anniversary, and USA Today reports that…

Obama said he spoke recently with a white guy, and warned him that it generally takes about 10 years to train a nigger properly.

“He’ll screw up a bunch,” Obama said. “Eventually we learn, but it takes us a little longer, because we’re not as smart.”

Whoa. I knew something wasn’t quite right but I never expected this much racism coming from a black guy. “We’re not as smart”… That’s harsh. Proponents of racial realism have always knew, but I wasn’t aware that this stat has already seeped into mainstream thought. What’s even more surprising is that it’s now coming from the president, who should pay heed to political correctness. Progressives might lynch him for this even if it was intended as a joke.

Oh, wait…

It was a misunderstanding. He said this about men, not blacks. That’s mighty fine. The progressives are clapping so hard their hands will fall off soon. Women are better than men, hurray for equality! Best prezident ever! Menz are dumm, wymyn must train menz or else we be dumm, haha, lol.

What a fucking disgrace.

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The truth about ISIS

An individual without political power can’t really do much more than spread awareness. So, this is what I’m doing:

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How bad is rape, really?

Quote: “Rape is uniquely awful in that it’s both an assault and a form of torture. Most people classify it as second only to murder as the worst thing that can happen to a person. I tend to agree.”

Most people think like this.

They are idiots.

Let’s imagine an evil leprechaun tells you he’ll magically arrange for you to be the victim of 3 crimes in the next 3 months, and you can’t do anything to stop him, but he’s generous: you get a list of 12 possible scenarios and you’ll get to choose the 3 that will happen to you. The leprechaun will make you forget all the details after you’re done with the choosing so you can properly enjoy the encounters.

1). Half a dozen racist thugs from another race think your face needs some rearranging. The result is a broken jaw, 15 stitches on your left cheek and a permanently blinded eye.

2.) An arsonist burns down your home with everything in it, including you and your family. Nobody dies but all your personal belongings are gone and you receive third degree burns on multiple body parts. On the plus side you become an autodidact expert in skin grafting.

3.) A specialized gang kidnaps the person you love the most. They send you an ear to show they mean business and demand 150% of your life savings as ransom. There’s no guarantee you get the hostage back even if you pay.

4.) A mugging goes wrong and you get stabbed in the kidney. You wait a couple of years for a transplant but until it goes through you are tied to a dialysis machine 4 hours*3 days a week.

5.) Someone falsely accuses you of rape and you spend the next 20 years in prison for a crime you didn’t commit.

6.) Three burglars enter your home at night while you and your family are sound asleep. They tie you all to chairs, beat you until you confess where your valuables are, and then for the longest 20 minutes of your life they discuss if they should rape, torture or kill you and your family. You are crushed by the feeling of total helplessness. After some light torture they simply leave with your stuff.

7.) A drunk driver hits you and flees. Broken hip, titanium screws in your shinbone, and a limp for the rest of your life. After you spend 4 months in bed and 7 months re-learning to walk, that is.

8.) A script kiddie uses your PC to organize DDoS attacks and hides some child porn on your hard drive just for the fun of it. The police don’t believe your version of the story, so you spend 12 years in prison, your family is destroyed, you’ll never get a decent job again and you’re stuck on the sex offender list for life.

9.) The accountant of your small company disappears with most of the company’s money. You are held responsible for tax evasion, you get in considerable debt, you and your company are both bankrupt, your credit is ruined, you can’t get a job with your fresh criminal record and you can’t put food on the table for your family. You prepare for the incoming divorce and living under a bridge.

10.) You decide to hit the town. After a couple of drinks someone attractive catches your eye and you make a move. You end up having sex (using a condom) but the next morning you feel you’ve made a mistake. Because they were sober and you weren’t it means you were raped.

11.) You’re on a third date with someone of your own choosing and things escalate. You tell him/her you’re not in the mood but s/he doesn’t listen. You feel drained and powerless to resist, and decide to let it happen, you’ll probably get away sooner that way. Condom, no STDs or pregnancy.

12.) You drink too much at a house party and pass out. A couple of weeks later your SO confesses that s/he fondled your private parts back then (when you were only getting to know each other) while you were sleeping. No STDs, no pregnancy.

If you didn’t choose the last 3 – which are all different forms of rape/sexual assault – you’re insane. Even more likely you’re ideologically committed to the pretense that having morning-after regret about a single consensual (albeit drunken) sexual encounter is worse than losing an eye or being imprisoned for the next 10-20 years of your life.

Strange how the definition of rape gets broadened all the time to include things that are neither traumatic nor violent, but people cling to the notion that rape is the ultimate evil act, comparable only to murder. Nowadays you can “rape” someone without even knowing it; for example if you have consensual sex with someone who had two glasses of champaigne you don’t know about, and the next day they decide they were “intoxicated”, thus raped, you’re fucked. Insisting in this case that you are a horrible monster deserving prison for raping an innocent victim, traumatizing them for life, is just plain ludicrous.

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Imputed Income Trap

It seems the founder of The Spearhead might be in trouble. Please read Keoni Galt’s article here.

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On slutwalks

I made a few comments here but after a while the next one got stuck with “awaiting moderation”. Funny how this works.

I didn’t want it to go to waste because I think it contains an important point, so here it is:

Ths slutwalkers would have a point if anybody would say anything like this:

If your skirt is too short or you drink too much it will be you who will be prosecuted if you get raped.

The slutwalk is a relevant answer to this non-existent notion. Nobody says this but feminists sure act like it’s in the mainstream or somethin’.

What the policeman in Toronto, and all the others have said is you can decrease your risks of being victimized by following a certain number of guidelines.
…which is basically nothing more than saying:
You can decrease risks by taking less risks.
Which of course can’t be anything but 100% true, it’s effectively self-evident.

What the slutwalkers say is:
1. risks can’t or shouldn’t be decreased
2. taking unnecessary risks should not lead to other people recognising your own responsibility in taking those unnecessary risks.

Both are extremely stupid, and outright harmful to women. It discourages them from excercising caution and leads to more risks being taken. The sad truth is the slutwalk directly results in more rapes happening, because for these feminists their ideology trumps everything, even decreasing the number of actual rapes.

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The bleeding heart thought process

I vaguely remember talking about this in a galaxy far, far away, but still, it’s a topic worthy of some reiteration.

The oft used liberal/feminist/SJW/cultural marxist thought process goes like this:

1. Tolerance is a value.

2. I am tolerant.

3. …therefore I am a good guy.

4. If you disagree with a tolerant person you must be intolerant.

5. If you’re intolerant you’re a bad guy.

6. If a good guy and a bad guy argue, truth is automatically on the side of the good guy.

7. A bad guy’s ideas are thus automatically invalid, not even worthy of analyzing or debating.

8. You lose, I win.

9. And I am a tolerant person despite invalidating your opinion out of hand, not even listening to it. Tolerant people do not actually have to put up with intolerant people’s intolerant bullshit, you know. Being tolerant does not mean you should actually tolerate anything. Besides, agreeing with other tolerant people is proof enough of me also being tolerant.

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