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What the Sisterhood Talks About in Closed Sessions For many years, the feminist endeavor has been to drive a wedge between men and women—to chill the atmosphere between them, to poison the water between them, to render normal, natural productive … Continue reading

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One problem with game

Assman comments at It’s Not Lack Of “Game”, It’s The Experience Gap: Game doesn’t work. There are no studies. There is no real way to measure it and there probably never will be. There are probably some effective teachers out … Continue reading

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The evolution of politics

Many lament that right and left does not mean anything anymore in the political sense. Other lines are blurring too. The meaning of words like republican or democrat are getting muddier day by day. I reckon all this is happening … Continue reading

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A quick post – on fat women

The latest post from Dr. Helen: Is extra weight a turn-off or a turn-on? I answer that with a simple what-the-f*ck?! She can’t be serious. It’s a silly question even if it’s just bait for people loving a good flame … Continue reading

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About cougars and game for newbs

It’s not an easy topic because most of us have mixed feelings about cougars. The public considers men living with cougars losers and most of the time it’s even worse in the sphere of PUAs and game. Most gurus will … Continue reading

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A misunderstanding about attraction

I also found this comment over at Seasons Of Tumult And Discord. “I’m convinced that 99% of all men aware of game find it impossible to implement, only multiplying their frustration in life. I know that’s the case with me. … Continue reading

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My clarification of game and it’s sceptics

In flirting you can use many “tools”: a smile, confident body language, bragging about your wealth or status, whatever. The effectiveness of these tools differ from one situation to another. Some almost never work, some almost always do. If you’re … Continue reading

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Hi, this is my new blog. I’ll try to keep the pompousness to a minimum so this is probably it. Also, I’ll leave the background and whatnot the way they are. I don’t give a damn about those things right … Continue reading

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