About cougars and game for newbs

It’s not an easy topic because most of us have mixed feelings about cougars. The public considers men living with cougars losers and most of the time it’s even worse in the sphere of PUAs and game. Most gurus will tell you to not even look at women below 7, probably 8 or even 9. And for gurus this “rule” is fine because they have what it takes to score with 9s. But what about inexperienced men?If you’re new to the PUA scene and try to score with the girls of your dreams you’ll most probably fail miserably 99% of the time. If your body language is not refined enough, if your words don’t come across as natural, if you don’t have your overall act together women will sense that and you won’t get laid. The real problem with all this is that honing your skills with crash-and-burn pickup attempts without “professional help” is nigh impossible. You can’t learn how to look, smile, talk and act on girls who reject you faster than you can say bitch shield.

Some already suggested and I too advise you to try cougars. That’s the way I went, and what started out as a learning period about 2 years ago turned out to be the happiest days of my life yet. So when I describe the advantages of cougars you can rest assured I’m not making this sh*t up.

I first heard about game when my last LTR fell apart 2 years ago. I began reading PUA stuff and realized almost immediately what went wrong and why my GF left me. But the purely intellectual recognitions didn’t mean I was already a PUA of course. Theory and practice are two very different things. I found out what I should and should not do to keep a girl attracted, but I needed a lot of practice. And since I’m not the barcrawler type I needed a different solution.

I’d be lying if I said I was consciously looking for a cougar, I just found one by sheer luck. The “pickup” part was easier than I ever imagined it could be: we met on some forum on the net, we started a private conversation, she said I was funny and the next thing I know we’re arranging a meeting to have sex. Not because I’m so good at flirting but because with many bored housewives and neglected mothers it’s that easy, especially on the net. It’s a lot easier to be funny when you have the time to come up with funny things and because of the anonimity you can always err on the side of too much boldness (rule 13) which is practically unimaginable in the real world if you’re a “shy guy”, making IRL pickups that much harder. So when I first met her face to face we immediately went to bed. Easy as pie.

And from then on it was heaven for me for two reasons. First, I was never punished for “acting beta”. If I acted alpha her eyes immediately lit up with lust and when I acted beta she did not scold me or broke up with me, it’s just that the lights in her eyes went dimmer – which for me was a perfect “signalling system” to analyze what happens when I do this or that. I perfected my cocky grin in a matter of days :) I learned things that I never thought were possible, for example by now I can look at her with the commanding presence I never knew I had and she does whatever I want her to, most of the time even without me having to say a word. And the most important part is that I later tried that on other girls and it worked on them too! I just had to practice it but could not have done that without her. Another very important thing I learned is how to handle women when they whine (they all whine).

The second reason why I say it’s heaven is because… cougars are hungry, if you know what I mean. In my younger days I had my share of the fun but nothing compares to what I have now. (…) Sometimes I literally have to chase her away when I’m “not in the mood” :) I’m a lot more confident now and I learned a lot of the practical little things about dominance that women crave but you can’t learn by reading articles.

Now, for the advice part… If you ever try this route, try to find a “real” cougar, not a gold digger who has just realized she’s fallen off the alpha cock carousel and is now looking for a beta provider to dupe. Because of this you probably should not aim at low 30somethings but for someone from her mid 30s to mid 40s. Also, avoid overgrown entitlement princesses, look for those women who actually got wiser and calmed down a bit. It helps if she is realistic about her sexual market value. And since this whole excercise is there to help you “alpha up”, be conscious about what you’re doing and learn from the experience.

About single moms with kids: they’re not as dangerous as most say. Just make sure that she is not after your money – it’s easier if she thinks you don’t have much. Also worth considering is that if she already has enough kids, you can sleep well knowing she won’t try to get pregnant against your will to trap you in a marriage or child support.

The last bit of advice for now is to be flexible about how and how much you invest into these kinds of relationships emotionally. Make sure that deep down you always remember you’re not tied to this woman and you can leave anytime you want, but don’t be afraid to develop some bonds either. Don’t be emotionally distant just because you know you don’t want to marry her.

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8 Responses to About cougars and game for newbs

  1. Good to see another game blog. Good luck. :)

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  4. La Vagina Dentanta says:

    People have been trying to tell me silver foxes are the way to go, but having never dated anyone older than me, well, once – 2 years! – I find the idea repulsive. I’m at the age where most men 10 years older than me have grey hair, wrinkles and are balding.

    Just. No.

    The only people who are telling me to go the middle aged man route are my, get this, MIDDLE AGED AUNTS. Why? Because they are totally jocking all my 20-something boyfriends. LOL!

    Women in their 40s can be beautiful, but men? They seldom dye their hair, if they even HAVE any.


  5. NMH says:

    La Vagina Dementia says: : “Women in their 40s can be beautiful”.

    About as rare as being struck by a meteor.

  6. Nayda says:

    great piece. as I’ve never used the interweb to look for women would be cool to know your thoughts on sites that you’ve found useful where you can chat with older women without costing $$ for each message you send.

  7. Deansdale says:

    Thing is, I never used dating sites, I frequented various forums and chats according to my interests or where my friends used to hang out. Facebook changed everything though. It was much easier chatting up random people 5-10 years ago.

    Nowadays I’m out of that market, so to speak, but I would advise anyone interested in finding women on the internet to 1. use general/topical sites instead of dating ones, and 2. use an indirect approach, comparable to what the Mystery Method is IRL. Just chat around, get to know people, and if you find an interesting girl escalate from there, slowly at first, but if you think it’s going well don’t be afraid to step up your game. Exude confidence (it’s a lot easier online), be humorous, and see if you feel any kind of “connection”. I know this probably sounds too vague but I used this approach and found many sex partners this way. It is a lot easier to get into women’s pants if you find a way to get around their general distrust of men on the internet. (This is why I advise against dating sites, most women have astronomical bitch shields there, except for maybe, well, bitches.) It’s also a lot easier to build meaningful relationships this way, if you’re looking for more than a night of fun.

  8. Nayda says:

    strong advice, nice one. hadn’t given it much thought but can imagine the distrust and overinflated sense of self-worth you’d find on dating sites.

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