A quick post – on fat women

The latest post from Dr. Helen: Is extra weight a turn-off or a turn-on?

I answer that with a simple what-the-f*ck?! She can’t be serious. It’s a silly question even if it’s just bait for people loving a good flame war.

“obese French women get less sex than their male counterparts” – it’s a no-brainer for anyone whose head is not filled with cabbage juice: Men look for beauty and women look for status&dominance. Men’s look matter a lot less than women’s.

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2 Responses to A quick post – on fat women

  1. I recently read about a study that shows butt fat, the sexy fat that healthy curvy women have, is healthy, supports health, and completely different in composition from belly fat and cellulite.

    It is interesting how our sexuality knows good stuff from bad.

  2. Deansdale says:

    Evolution at its finest :)
    Those who desired women with round butts produced healthy offspring. Those who desired obese women produced obese offspring and so “faded out” from the gene pool in the long run.

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