The evolution of politics

Many lament that right and left does not mean anything anymore in the political sense. Other lines are blurring too. The meaning of words like republican or democrat are getting muddier day by day. I reckon all this is happening because it suits those who profit from this democratic system – and now you can start copypasting your favourite conspiracy-theory ridiculing phrases because here comes one.

If you look at western history before the introduction of democracy it’s a continuous struggle between the lower and the upper classes. (Marx got this one right.) The peasants almost never liked those who ruled them and this was a source of a lot of conflicts, the most famous of which is probably the french revolution where the poor got so fed up with being poor that they killed all the rich they could get their hands on.

Thing is, the political elite of those days did not disappear, only transformed. Of course some dynasties died out while others got into the picture, but the basic concept of super-rich and powerful people ruling the masses is here to stay. Now’s probably the time for some to tell me I’m a lunatic because in today’s democracies there are no kings or barons or whatever. Well, I know. I’m not saying we are ruled by someone out in the open – that is the exact reason why it’s called a conspiracy :)

The elite somewhere along the line came up with the brilliant idea to change the age-old feud of “up vs down” to “left vs right”. They slowly withdrew to the political background and left the battlefield. It was an incredibly smart move because now they’re not in the line of fire while keeping all the power they had, or maybe even more. Nowadays the masses are stuck in “horizontal” fighting, cursing all those idiots in the opposite trench while being sucked dry by taxes. Almost nobody seems to notice that nothing changes after elections; the international bankster elite – which rules all governments – stays in place. It’s unbelievable how nobody seems to care that most of the top10 campaign supporters of Obama and McCain financed both of them. If that’s not a definite sign of politicians being bought and controlled with money I don’t know what is.

Most of the distinctions in today’s politics are fake anyways, with the perfect example being the aformentioned left vs right opposition. It’s like someone took basic human decency and divided it into two (political) parts. The “left” fights for the weak and the “common good” while the “right” fights for freedom. Do you really want to choose? Do you have to? Are helping the poorest and freedom for all really mutually exclusive ideas? It seems like this system is designed specifically to trap people in an illusion that the other side is fighting against something noble and thus creating a system where this fight between the opposing sides is eternal.

Now the Rockefellers are safe to manipulate our civilization any way they like with their foundations, schools, grants, etc. People are not looking “up” anymore to find out who they have to fight in order to live freer and probably richer lives. They won’t try to find out who sponsored feminism and the kind of suicidal liberalism which resulted in their country being ravaged and overrun by immigrants and PC idiots. They see the problems, they just think the solution is defeating the “enemy” – the left or the right – by voting in larger numbers. Let me tell you, no amount of voting will stop the superrich from ruling over us one way or the other.

And to get back to what I was saying in the intro: the political lines are blurring probably because the rulers in the background figured out that there is no need for sharply defined distinctions for people to fight against each other. It will work just as well – or even better – if they can’t really define what they’re fighting for or against. The less transparent the system the better. As long as they vote for anyone and don’t look “up” there’s no problem.

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4 Responses to The evolution of politics

  1. Keoni Galt says:

    Excellent breakdown…a great way to try to describe “conspiracy theory” to the skeptical blue pill taker.

  2. fedrz says:

    Great piece, Deansdale!

    Keep it up – but be careful not to burn yourself out either. If wordpress has a timer such as blogger does, you might want to write articles, but then space them out for a day or two in between. The optimum for new bloggers seems to be a new post every two to three days – that will start to roll in your traffic.

    I have done this many times: I get ideas in my head, and I crack them out, and then I need to reflect for awhile… and it hurts the blog hits, because I might get stumped after that… sometimes for weeks, or months… or lol, for two years!

    Just a suggestion.

    Love the stuff you’ve put out so far!

    (I am currently writing, and re-writing, articles for my blog that aren’t scheduled to appear until September-October – although, I am currently only posting “best of’s” from other people. This takes the heat off of my ass to have to produce articles every day or two, just to keep my readership up. I have often found that I have periods of extreme productivity, followed by months of frustration… and then inspiration again…

    Anyway, just some friendly advice.

  3. Deansdale says:

    “just some friendly advice”
    Thank you, much appreciated :)
    I’ll look into this timer thing.

    “I am currently writing, and re-writing, articles for my blog that aren’t scheduled to appear until September-October”
    September???? That’s f*cking centuries away :)
    The best of’s are cool but I’d like to read your thoughts sometimes.

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