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I found this article via Dr. Helen. I think it’s very important for us men to seriously think about these things. It might seem trivial and many will dismiss it as such without a second thought but you really should … Continue reading

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MRAs and the hatred of women

There’s a lot of talk about MRAs and the hatred of women. It’s usually baseless feminist (or feminist-inspired) rhetoric and I’ll tell you why. Let’s not confuse women with feminists. MRAs fight against feminism, not against women. It’s a common … Continue reading

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The definition of deluded

…is this guy. Disclaimer: this post of mine contains nothing extraordinary, I just dissect his post for my own amusement.

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The importance of frame control

Mormon Men had an interesting post yesterday which got me thinking about a few things. “He grew up without an example of real masculinity and manhood and is now in a relationship with a dominant woman similar to his mother. … Continue reading

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Tribute, sort of

It seems Alkibiades & Talleyrand deleted their blog Seasons of Tumult and Discord. I don’t know why they did it and if we’ll meet them again. I found a link to their last post but couldn’t read it because it … Continue reading

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Are cougars a myth?

“New Study Claims ‘Cougars’ Do Not Exist” says Time Magazine and some others too. They all reference this study about “online advertisers age preferences”. I see a basic problem here. What people “prefer” is rarely what they get. Of course … Continue reading

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Destroyer of relationships

This article is well-known by now in the manosphere. Dr. Helen discussed it, then Roissy and Hawaiian Libertarian too. Vox Day reflected on Roissy’s post. What I want to talk about is in the comments, by Cheyl J: “When I … Continue reading

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A funny video about seduction

I found it at Playing the Devil’s Advocate

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Are intelligence and humor attractive?

There’s no end to articles on what women find desirable in men, and most of the time they give you an answer like this: intelligence, a sense of humor and kindness. But it’s so obviously bullsh*t it’s mind boggling. Let … Continue reading

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An answer to those who say Fathers are not needed

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