Being alpha and looking alpha

In prehistoric times things were quite simple because “power” was derived from immediate personal traits of a man: physical strength, agility, intelligence, confidence, etc. If he had these, he obviously also had the signs of these which women grown accustomed to: confident body language, a muscular build, etc.

Nowadays “power” have a different meaning: money, connections, whatever. But women’s instincts are slow to change so they are still attracted to the “old” signs of power. This is the source of misunderstandings, because people perceive politicians, doctors and lawyers as alpha because they have power, and then keep on insisting that the alpha-beta distinction doesn’t work because women are often clearly not attracted to these “alpha” men, instead they desire thugs who are considered betas (or worse) socially. But women are still attracted to men they were attracted to for millions of years, it’s only what we socially consider alpha has changed.

So, if you want to get laid don’t (just) concentrate on acquiring alpha status socially; you should focus on what women desire.

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8 Responses to Being alpha and looking alpha

  1. Hughman says:

    As a medical student I can tell you doctors can still alight gina tingles where they walk.

    I was having a conversation with a female friend/peer of mine about status. She admitted she has to remind herself that she’s a medical student and has the same status as the guys around her (which means she subconscious perceives herself to be surrounded by high status men)

    Admittedly the status boost isn’t amazing. But I’ve still seen enough disinterested girls that I’m picking up light up like a Christmas tree when I drop that a)I’m a medic and b)I’m looking at a career in the RAF.

  2. Deansdale says:

    I think people with high-status jobs tend to be more confident and women are attracted to that. But not all doctors and lawyers have this confidence, hence the stories about successful doctors who can’t get a date.

    “I’ve still seen enough disinterested girls that I’m picking up light up like a Christmas tree when I drop that I’m a medic”
    I don’t want to frighten you but these chicks seem golddiggers to me :P
    But of course I’m not God almighty and I can be wrong :)

  3. Alkibiades says:

    Oft repeated, but always good to keep it current.

  4. Single Man says:


    All chicks are golddiggers. Be careful!

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  8. David Foster says:

    I would think the “career in the RAF” part would tend to drive away the gold-diggers.

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