Now really, WTF is game?

Every man is born with a different set of attributes, tendencies. Women will find some of these traits attractive and some repulsive. PUAs tend to call attraction-inducing traits “alpha”, and often suggest that men should suppress other tendencies, but I think it’s not as simple as that. I agree with Athol Key‘s view that alpha and beta traits are both useful, only different, and both should be developed. Alpha traits induce attraction in women, beta traits build comfort. For a healthy relationship you need both. If you’re not familiar with the idea of “good beta qualities” go and read Athol’s explanations, they are very good.

When you meet a girl you have to show a lot of alpha traits to make her interested and excited. If you fail to be alpha enough you get assigned to the LJBF zone. What really hurts your chances in the early stages of dating is not showing beta qualities but the lack of alpha ones. But if you build a relationship, beta traits get important as well. Sure, “bad boys” get a lot of pussy but they rarely end up in a happy marriage raising their own kids. The trick is that you have to keep the alpha qualities while showing good beta ones. If you drop the alpha moves, your LTR will lose attraction for you. If you don’t have enough comfort-building beta qualities there will be a lot of drama and fights which might eventually destroy the relationship.

The problem is that men in the anglosphere are bombarded with “anti-alpha” messages all day, every day. Every boy learns from the time of his birth that alpha=bad. The feminist zeitgeist indoctrinates all kids with the notion that men should be submissive to women under all circumstances, in addition to being nice, peaceful and “romantic” – which is also redefined basically into catering to every whim of your goddess girlfriend. Many are so thoroughly indoctrinated that they will defend these ideas as long as they live. They are the white knights and manginas and they won’t let go of these fake feminist morals even if it’s plain to see that it won’t do them any good. Women might pat them on their shoulders but are not attracted to them at any level.

Game is nothing more and nothing less than the awakening of your long-supressed alpha tendencies. You have them in yourself, they are just tied up real good and tucked into a dark corner of your soul. No matter what you heard about techniques like the neg, or what you thought about canned openers, they are just a shiny surface for something much more serious. If you’re fooled by the surface you won’t understand anything about what’s going on in the background. And if you just try the techniques without actually freeing up your alpha instincts you’ll get no success at all.

Game is not “faking it”. At the least it’s a third wheel for your first bike: by observing natural alphas you can “wake up”. Trying to act alpha can make you realise it’s already in you, you’ve just buried it under a ton of bricks. Game teaches you not only that you can be an alpha, you should. You were told to bow down before women; game tells you you shouldn’t. You were told you should let women win in any and every situation; game tells you you shouldn’t. You were told to passively endure any shit thrown at you by women; game tells you you shouldn’t. I trust you get the idea. It’s like dropping chains from your ankles which were always there. You were told there’s a beast in you which has to be kept under control and it turns out that this beast is not dangerous at all, actually it’s half of what you are and is quite attractive to women.

If you’re frustrated by how women respond with venom to your niceness, you should know that that niceness is not natural and is actually the real cause of your frustration. Getting rid of it not only gets you rid of venomous reactions from women but also frees your soul from the crushing burden of feminist indoctrination. It’s a fantastic feeling regardless of how much pussy you get afterwards.

Many people get this but it’s hard to articulate. Hughman says it well: “All Game is about is forging you into the alpha that your situation prevented you from becoming.” and Krauserpua too: “game is about personal transformation – about becoming the best possible you“.

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14 Responses to Now really, WTF is game?

  1. ThinkingMan says:

    Excellent article. So many think that game is only for pickup purposes. That’s far from the truth. Game is about meeting life straight on without apologies and with full belief that we don’t need the approval of other people, especially women, to enjoy life and enjoy it on our terms.

  2. dalrock says:

    Outstanding post. I plan on referencing this in at least one future blog post.

  3. Deansdale says:

    Thanx :) Looking forward to it.

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  9. dalrock says:

    Done. I’ve also added you to my blogroll.

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  12. Jennifer says:

    VERY good explanation.

    “Sure, “bad boys” get a lot of pussy but they rarely end up in a happy marriage raising their own kids. The trick is that you have to keep the alpha qualities while showing good beta ones”

    I hate the simplifying terms of “alpha” and “beta”, but your point is true. Well-done! This is where some guys do fake it though: a perfectly nice guy I know tries to act like an asshole when he isn’t. So if game’s about becoming the best you, I told him not to bother acting like a jerk; alphas-ism is not really about that and it’s not HIM. Plus, overdoing the negs can make a man nasty, but I’m guessing you know this already.

  13. Hamster Tamer says:

    Jennifer’s post is Yet Another stereotypical example of why dating advice from wimminz is WORSE than useless to man, it’s actually HARMFUL. i.e. besides the usual “it’s not HIM” (aka “be yourself”, *gag*), she willfully ignores the most basic question: is what he’s DOING working for HIM?

    Note I said DOING, not “acting”. Given how clueless wimminz are about THEIR OWN psyches, I simply will not concede that they know jack-squat about men’s pysches, let alone how men “really are”, and/or what is an “act” vs. what is “authentic”. Her implied conceit is just off the hook.

    News McFlash for Jen: ASSHOLE GAME DOES WORK… and though you’ll NEVER admit it, I’ll lay 4:1 odds that it has, at least once, worked on YOU–jeans on the floor, legs in the air. :twisted:

    Note too that she also refers to him by that nomen which is Thee most sexually REPULSIVE to wimminz: “A Perfectly Nice Guy™” >>*vom!*<< Methinks Jennifer is happy with her eunuch beta-orbiter, and doesn't want to lose him to a wet and willing wimminz.

  14. Tom H says:

    Great Post! How about a post on natural dominance. I suck at cocky asshole, but do fine with dominance. Don’t have to try–I just say no to that beta programming! :)

    Autists typically don’t do well with anything that requires the ability to follow conversation cues–could you write up something for them?

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