Tribute, sort of

It seems Alkibiades & Talleyrand deleted their blog Seasons of Tumult and Discord. I don’t know why they did it and if we’ll meet them again.

I found a link to their last post but couldn’t read it because it was deleted by then. Luckily google cache had it: it’s titled “Why men don’t like smart women”. Now, I found lots of interesting stuff on their blog and I respect them very much, but I think they’re wrong on this one.

I think the idea that men don’t like smart women is a variation of the myth that men are afraid of successful women. What men don’t like is arrogance, not intelligence. But this is the 21st century and thanks to feminism these are mixed up in the heads of women. Smart women tend to attend universities and so they’re indoctrinated with misandrist bullshit. It’s not their brains which are repulsive, it’s their pugnacious behavior. Many of them constantly try to prove that they’re smarter than men. They are tiresome to say the least, but not really that smart. If they were, they’d realise that them being a pain in the ass is what drives men away from them.

Of course in a lot of couples the man is smarter but I think it’s because of women’s hypergamous nature. It’s not men who are looking for dumber women; it’s women looking for higher status men, which usually means smarter than them.

So, Al & Talley, if you don’t plan on coming back, I say farewell.

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8 Responses to Tribute, sort of

  1. novaseeker says:

    Yep, as I wrote in that thread, it’s hypergamy. It’s harder for a woman to be attracted to a man who is markedly less intelligent than she is unless he has some other show-stopper hypergamy indicator — extreme fame, power, or something like that. I can see male professional athletes, for example, being with smarter women — Condi Rice used to date NFL players when she was younger, and we can bet she was probably at least twice as smart as most of them, yet that has less of an impact because NFL players are by definition hypergamously attractive. But for regular guys, I think a woman won’t maintain a hypergamous attraction if she is markedly smarter, or markedly more successful, and so on.

  2. La Vagina Dentanta says:

    I’ve experienced both sides of the fence. Egotistical men who thought of themselves in a position of authority over me did not like my intelligence. On the otherhand, men who who did not think of themselves that way, like my intelligence very much. In fact, some liked it so much they became obsessed by it.

    Then I’ve known men who loved and hated me for it simultaneously. It attracted yet repulsed them because they knew I was way smarter than they. So they tried to contain it and otherwise control it.

    I was never able to have a relationship with a man who was too far below me in intelligence. It’s hard for me to find an equal in that regard, so I don’t mind a little below me, in fact, I prefer it to above me coz then his ego gets in the way and that’s not good for a relationship – either of equal intelligence or slightly below is preferrable for me to keep a peaceful environment.

    A man who I have to be a constant teacher OR student to, is not for me.

  3. slumlord says:

    The problem with many intelligent women is that they are psychologically repulsive. It’s not their brains but their attitude which repels. Femininity, beauty, grace and intelligence: The divine combination.

  4. La Vagina Dentanta says:

    Maybe insecure people are put off by people with well articulated opinions?

    They do the “um” “I think” “in my opinion” type stuff, and intelligent, articulate people just tell it like it is.

  5. Deansdale says:

    Maybe insecure people are put off by people with well articulated opinions?
    This is typical feminist bullshit. The explanation is much more simple: men don’t like combative women because they are a pain in the ass. We all know people who don’t just know everything, they know everything better. In this context “articulated opinion” is the politically correct version of “constant bitching”.

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  7. dalrock says:

    That really is surprising when a blog up and disappears all of a sudden like that. I’m sorry to see they are gone.

    Deansdale: I’d like to share some info with you via email. This post should give you my email address. If you ping that I’ll reply.

  8. LVD says:

    Nobody knows everything. But some people are well-articulated experts on 1 or 2 things. That can make them interesting conversationalists.

    Don’t hate. Appreciated.

    And smile.

    It does a body good.


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