The definition of deluded

…is this guy. Disclaimer: this post of mine contains nothing extraordinary, I just dissect his post for my own amusement.

“You have the Hawaiian Libertarian Neo-Marxist, Deansdale, etc. group who are convinced of every conspiracy theory our there and even some they made up on their own since they must believe everyone but them is involved in one of the conspiracies they believe in.”

First of all if someone doesn’t know the difference between libertarianism and marxism he shouldn’t be talking about these things at all. Hawaiian Libertarian is a libertarian, period. His posts are a testament to this. Then there’s this little problem that all of us always take the time to stress that none of us believe in “every conspiracy theory”. Are you lying or are you stupid now? And also, contrary to what you say none of us are paranoid. I remember explaining to you what I think (ie. very-very few people are involved in conspiracies), which is the exact opposite of what you claim I think. I actually find it hard to believe you’re this stupid.

“Then you have Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech, The Fifth Horseman, Ferdinand Bardamu, Roissy, etc. who despite their misguided belief in game are on the level and don’t buy into conspiracy theory shit.”

Yeah, sure, everybody’s misguided but you. That’s why we are all successful people living happy lives and you named your blog Omega Virgin Revolt. I’m not trying to shame you but I think if one guy thinks that all the others are idiots it’s bloody obvious that it’s true the other way around. And what’s with this bullshit idea that people who believe in game are divided into two groups, conspiracy believers or not? There are no such groups, sherlock. There are people out there who believe in various conspiracies and there are people out there who don’t, and this is totally unrelated to what they think about game. You might as well divide “gamers” into paella-lovers and paella-haters and start making theories about how and why they devided into these groups. Ye gods and little catfish.

And we’re back at square one actually because you yourself believe in some conspiracy theories, like ‘women are out to get you‘ which sounds a lot more crazy and paranoid than anything I’ve ever said. But you have evidence, you say: you’ve been accused of sexual harassment. How that leads to the conclusion you have drawn – namely that all women are evil and they all hate you and want you dead – I fail to see.

“I asked myself why is there these two separate groups.  I may have an answer.  Marriage.”

Whoa! An interesting idea it would be if I was married, but I’m not. Back to the drawing board you go.

“This is a working hypothesis to better understand the difference between those gamers that are conspiracy theory nuts and those that aren’t.  I doubt it’s true in every single case.  But it may be true in most.”

I hate to burst your bubble but this hypothesis of yours is not working (pun intended). The main problem is you know nothing about us blogger guys. For what you know I can be Hitlery Clinton. You’ve read a handful of posts and comments from us and you think you have everything figured out. Your theorizing is meaningless.

“There are also unique cases like Obsidian”

Isn’t it hyperbole to talk about “unique cases” when you have 8 “cases” altogether? You use “etc” a lot but I doubt you could name more than 5 people in the PUA-sphere who are interested in conspiracy theories at all, and you can even include me and HL in that 5.

“Obsidian’s “conspiracy theories” are the standard black racism of “whitey is out to get me”.”

Yep, he’s simply a reverse racist but let’s just stop here for a second to acknowledge that his “whitey is out to get me” idea is the same bullshit as your “women are out to get me”. And there’s no need to call a racist a conspiracy theorist.

“There are aspects of being keyboard jockeys and internet tough guys and just being able to say, “I’m better than you” but that isn’t the whole story.”

For all its weirdness it seems to me that it’s you who think he’s better than the rest. I’ve never said anything about me being any better than any other guy out there. I just try to help them with my knowledge and experience. I was never scornful or condescending to anyone out there (excluding feminists of course). What you wrote here is just a twisted example of shaming language. You accuse us of being “keyboard jockeys and internet tough guys” while you know nothing about us and I think it’s clear as daylight that HL and I are neither of those. The definition of a keyboard jockey is someone who doesn’t have real-life experience and you couldn’t have chosen a dumber thing to accuse us of. We are talking about LTR game and we both live in LTRs so “experience” is a given for us. Are we “internet tough guys“? Dunno. I never wanted to seem “tough” and I certainly never tried to intimidate anyone with my posts or comments. The same is true for HL.

“The married gamers discovered the complete and total disaster with no escape modern marriage is for men and they can’t deal with it.”

LOL… You believe there are no happy marriages but your belief is only that, a belief, and not evidence. Also, let me remind you that I live in East Europe and the divorce laws are very different here so your theory is bleeding from every pore.

“They blame some far off external entity instead of the real problem, their wives and women in general.”

What the F are you talking about? What entity? Also, if you think wives or women are “a problem” by default then you know nothing about relationships. Well, given that you’re a virgin it’s actually evident you know nothing about relationships. But then why the fuck are you talking about them? Why are you trying to “teach” people about something you know nothing about?

“Whether its the Rockefellers, the Federal Reserve, MRAs, the Illuminati, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Ben Bernacke, lizard aliens, etc. doesn’t matter.  Each of these groups is far away”

Where have anyone blamed any marital problems on the Rockefellers or Obama or whatever? Please quote. You always mix things up. Game and conspiracies are two different subjects, genius.

“Each one of the married gamers believes that game will save him from divorce.  This is bullshit and when the first of the married gamers gets finanacially (or otherwise) ass raped in a divorce it will be proven bullshit.”

When I last checked the divorce rate was around 50%. This means divorce is not inevitable. And nobody ever said that game is a surefire miracle cure for divorce. It can be used to improve the quality of your (love)life and thus it reduces the risk of divorce. Take it or leave it as it is.

“Their religious belief in game is preventing the married gamers from accurately observing their wives if their wives are planning a divorce.”

I think it’s safe to say that someone with a proper understanding of game will be a lot more observant of his wife than an average Joe. If one is prone to be fooled by women it’s the one with no knowledge of game.

“they are manginas”

I told you before that the notion that maybe manginas will blame conspiracy theorists for whatever doesn’t make conspiracy theorists manginas, but it seems you’re immune to logic. What you say is the logical equivalent of saying that blacks will blame whites for whatever so whites are blacks. You just use shaming language like a feminist drone.

“How do you know what the married gamers is accurate?”

I reckon you didn’t proofread your post but hey. What I will say is that game improved my lovelife and this is a personal experience which is by its very nature subjective. Of course it can’t be measured, quantified or “proven”. But I don’t give a damn about statistics, science or whatever. What I experience is proof enough for me. You can think about what I say and you can try it. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be successful because there are other factors affecting that. But it worked for lots of guys already and I think it’s definitely worth trying. If you’re a virgin you have nothing to lose anyways.

“If you are an unmarried man the married gamers can’t tell you anything since none of their game is actually about attracting a woman.”

Every freakin’ word of any type of game is about attracting women. Of course LTR game is different from the “default” club game but all gamers want to attract women. LTR game is special in that it’s used to attract the women you are in a relationship with. Too many men are thinking that if you got into an LTR then attraction is not important anymore but boy they are wrong.

“The married gamers can only give you bullshit and this will not help you unmarried men get the real results you want.”

I’d say LTR game is even more important for unsuccessful men because they will have to keep what they get. For the types of Roissy LTR game doesn’t matter because he can waltz into any bar and tap some ass, but for you, omega, your life depends on your ability to keep your girlfriend happy because if she leaves it might mean a Sodini-sized dry spell for you. And you can rest assured that if you somehow “absorb” LTR game knowledge it will help your flirting and dating too.

“They want to get laid and they have to deal with the real world to accomplish their goal.”

You mean as opposed to gamers in LTRs who don’t have to deal with the real world? Whatever you say, dude.

You started this shitstorm with saying game don’t exist. I tried to have a civil argument about it but you responded with writing a post linking to me saying I’m a conspiracy nut. I tried debating again but your nonsense and arrogance got really old really fast. When I left you wrote another post about me saying I was trolling you. What the fuckin’ fuck?! You mention my name specifically and when I turn up to defend myself I’m “trolling you”? You’re out of your fuckin’ mind. And when I leave because of the lack of civility you consider that “victory”? Unbelievable. And then you write yet another post in which you mention me more then once. I don’t know what you want with all this but you definitely should put your act together because what you did this far is bullshit.

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15 Responses to The definition of deluded

  1. LOL says:

    LOL. Parents, do you know where your sexually frustrated Omega Virgin is?

  2. Ulysses says:

    “If you are an unmarried man the married gamers can’t tell you anything since none of their game is actually about attracting a woman.”

    I particularly enjoyed the non sequitur quality of that sentence as married men, by definition, had to first attract a woman.

  3. I had started leaving him a long comment on that post, but decided to delete it on basis that it was feeding a troll lol.

    Someone needs a Fleshlight…

  4. Thomas George says:

    I told you about that White And Nerdy guy. His story of constantly being the recipient of sexual harassment complaints but always wins against the complaints does not add up. He must be working for the elite or was the subject of a psy op by the elite. Why is he trying to constantly convince us women are evil? A gender ‘war’ keeps the elite in power.

    I know you think that the elite would not bother with blogs but they do. The elite pays people to blog about politics right now. Why wouldn’t they pay people to blog to drum up a ‘gender conflict’.

  5. JackAmok says:

    “Someone needs a Fleshlight…”

    No, you fool! That’s part of the conspiracy. Those things have hidden shrink-rays in them!

  6. mormonmen says:

    I just finished reading the whole thing and actually think it’s pretty funny. So many logical fallacies in there make it obvious why this guy’s Omega; and those same traits translate into his relationships with the men around him as much as the women.

  7. La Vagina Dentanta says:

    I’m with him on this: MRA and PUA does not mix.

    I’ve browsed a number of authentic PUA sites and don’t see any “woman hating” bitterness on them. Sure, they take in purely sexual terms, coz that’s what they are trying to get, but I don’t see any hate there.

    MRA sites on the otherhand are a different breed of animal.

    Then you’ve got people like Roissy and a few others who kind of amalgamate the bitter hatred of MRA with PUA and the combination is lethal and will not work to pick up healthy, well-adjusted women.

    It’s got to be either/or.

    It makes no sense to build your world around picking up people that you can’t stand.

  8. Keoni Galt says:

    At first, he pissed me off.

    Now, I just feel pity for him.

    I would say this was an excellent taking apart of his severely monomaniacal point of view…

    …but than it was kinda like shooting fish in a barrell.

    Than we have assman writing this:

    My heart goes out to you. But I can tell you one thing right now…the gamers are WRONG. Roissy, Hawaiian Libertarian, and the rest are wrong. They are not experts on women.

    Good lord..I never ever claimed to be an “expert” or an “alpha.”

    You try to offer advice to people on things that you’ve discovered has helped yourself..

    …and some people attack you for it.

    But the biggest reason why I think W&N and others have gotten their panties twisted in a bunch is this interpretation of my writings into this:

    “There is also a lot of overlap between the gamers that outright believe that “game failure” means a man should be thrown to the wolves and the conspiracy theorist gamers.”

    I have never said this.

    I have simply pointed out that there are two sides to the coin. That the system is terrible, it favors women, and many women take advantage of it to unfairly destroy men.

    I’ve only sought to point out that SOME of these things that happen can be avoided if a man is SELF-AWARE of how is actions, behaviors, attitudes etc. influence the course of their relationships with women.

    These guys seem to stuck in this mindset that all women are evil, and that men have NO role, NO influence on whether or not their woman does these things.

    All I’ve ever tried to really say is that gaining an understanding of “game” helps a man become self aware, and to understand precisely how society, other women, and manginas have all contributed to him failing to deal with women or attract them as mates.

  9. Deansdale says:

    MRA and PUA does not mix.
    The two things on which I don’t give a fuck about women’s opinion is the MRM and game. You know nothing real about either of those so pardon me if I don’t take you seriously.
    MRAs don’t hate women and if you think otherwise you’re an idiot. You badly confuse a lot of things there.

  10. La Vagina Dentanta says:

    OK. Maybe it’s the wannabe’s and newbs who hate women. Coz I see a lot of women hating comments on Burning Spearhead and Rosy.

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  12. sestamibi says:

    I don’t think any of you really understand the concept of omegavirginrevolt. W&N has pointed out repeatedly that his rage is not the result of sexual frustration, but the oppression of someone in his circumstances and the efforts to deny him even the ability to hold a job and stay alive. It’s one thing not to be able to get laid, and W&N has made peace with that. It’s quite another to be repeatedly slandered by false accusations of sexual harassment or to be kept unemployed because of job preferences for cunts–especially those competing against you for $50K jobs married to men making $200K already!

  13. Deansdale says:

    You know if he’d be fighting against feminism or whatnot I’d cheer him on. But if he has made peace with not getting laid why he keeps on attacking game? And why is he waging a war against me? It was not me who filed charges against him.
    I find it unfathomable how a guy who literally and admittedly knows nothing about women tries to prove that real womenizers and people in LTRs have it wrong. Also he knows nothing about how politics work but he says that those of us who spent hundreds of hours reading material about this stuff are stupid because he finds some ideas implausible.
    His own fury – however “righteous” it might have been originally – blinds him and he attacks all the wrong people. He says he’s blogging to do something “real” but his posts contain nothing of any value for men seeking help for their own problems.

  14. Clarence says:


    W&N’s blog has its points, but you are right overall. He has nothing but a negative attitude for anyone. Personally I find Game for Omegas so much better, even though occasionally he lapses into a bit of depression, at least he doesn’t try to tear everyone else down. Indeed, you can find some good useful stuff on GFO’s blog.

  15. sestamibi says:

    Yes, it is quite true that he has a very negative attitude and large chip on his shoulders, and I agree that if he did learn about Game he would be far better off . But I still sympathize with him because I’ve been similarly situated (extended virginity, scurrilous sexual harassment charges, lengthy unemployment, etc.)

    Note, however, that he appears in no blogrolls on these sites, so that says a lot too.

    GFO is a well-thought out blog, but he doesn’t update it often enough.

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