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A funny video about seduction

I found it at Playing the Devil’s Advocate

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Are intelligence and humor attractive?

There’s no end to articles on what women find desirable in men, and most of the time they give you an answer like this: intelligence, a sense of humor and kindness. But it’s so obviously bullsh*t it’s mind boggling. Let … Continue reading

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An answer to those who say Fathers are not needed

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One thing I disagree on with Citizen Renegade

The latest post at The Chateau is The Difficulty Of Gaming Women By Age Bracket in which our favourite guru formerly known as Roissy says: “Marriage is still a pussy-limiting force to contend with for the inveterate womanizer” and also … Continue reading

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Sex rank and the economics of marriage

If the only difference in sex rank in favor of the prospective husband is his money, he’s pretty much destined for a divorce. “His money” will soon translate into “our money” in the head of his wife and thus his … Continue reading

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Now really, WTF is game?

Every man is born with a different set of attributes, tendencies. Women will find some of these traits attractive and some repulsive. PUAs tend to call attraction-inducing traits “alpha”, and often suggest that men should suppress other tendencies, but I … Continue reading

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If you can’t get laid, read this – part 2

If you can’t get laid and you browse the web for material which can help you, you inevitably find some people who’ll tell you don’t need to get laid and/or you shouldn’t want to. Be they MGTOW or just simple … Continue reading

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