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A fantastic article about hypergamy (a part of The Garbage Generation). — UPDATE The link is not working at the moment so I’ll just paste the entire text here. It’s really long but well worth reading.

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About hypergamy

There’s a lot of talk about hypergamy in the manosphere lately so I feel compelled to add my two cents :) First of all, the most insightful description of hypergamy: “Men may have a tendency to seek sexual variety, but … Continue reading

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Just a thought

I find it interesting – absurd, even – that if you want to find real and relevant information about women or relationships you must avoid the MSM at all costs and turn to mostly unacknowledged blogs on the net. Instead … Continue reading

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That’s funny

I found this on The Best Article Every Day and it made me laugh:

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Roissy takes it a step too far

In one of his recent articles Roissy talks about dating down. He is of course totally right that if you date down you need less game. But he talks about women’s beauty like it’s the only thing that matters at … Continue reading

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I found this video on The Best Article Every Day. It’s very sad but seems very real. The single mom, the “mean girl”. This video symbolises what many young boys are going through right now and how they fight against … Continue reading

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If you don’t like hardcore PUA mentality and/or the PUA lingo, there are naturals out there who speak everyday english and convey their wisdom in an ordinary style to ordinary guys. One of them is John Ross. He’s not a … Continue reading

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Natural game vs. artificial game

Natural game is better, period. But if you don’t have it naturally, then it’s ten thousand times harder to learn than “artificial game”. Now of course I have read Roissy’s post about natural game but I’m not talking about what … Continue reading

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