Natural game vs. artificial game

Natural game is better, period. But if you don’t have it naturally, then it’s ten thousand times harder to learn than “artificial game”.

Now of course I have read Roissy’s post about natural game but I’m not talking about what he’s talking about :) I don’t give a damn about PUA instructors’ status jockeying or fads in the PUA-sphere.

For me “natural game” basically means that you do what comes naturally while flirting. It’s a tricky thing though because if the “wrong” thing comes naturally, you’re f*cked. So for those who don’t have innate natural game it will not work. And it’s very hard to learn because there aren’t many positive feedback loops. It’s a dodgy idea to try to “naturally” do things which actually don’t come naturally to you. It’s almost like a paradox. You won’t have much success so your improvement will be painfully slow. You can’t build your self-confidence, etc.

But there is a proper way to get there. You have to learn artificial game and if you practice it enough it will become natural. It’s like riding a bicycle: first you need a third wheel, then you learn to ride without help and then it becomes something you do instinctually. It’s the same with game and this process can’t be skipped. Telling frustrated betas to learn natural game is like telling people to just go ahead and instinctually ride a bike. If they can’t ride at all then it’s impossible for them.

There are drawbacks to artificial game. Canned openers or routines are awkward and there’s always a chance your target have heard them a couple of times. You might have a feeling “it’s not you”. Flirting should be fun and artificial game takes away some of that. Of course if you can’t get laid the emphasis is on success and not on the fun, but the point is that sooner or later – when you’ve learned how to be successful – you have to forget canned material and calculated escalation and all that stuff, and stand on your own two feet. But the shorthest path to that point is learning artificial game and practicing it.

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6 Responses to Natural game vs. artificial game

  1. I think you just have to plough and keep learning and trying. Then after enough effort and tears and struggle someone will poo-poo you for having it easy and being a natural.

  2. David Collard says:

    There are different kinds of natural game though. My brother was extroverted, women liked him, he bedded some beauties. I am more introverted, but I got lots of female attention. I suppose I have natural “aloof” game.

    I know what you mean about feeling unnatural some times, but all behaviour is somewhat considered and premeditated (except under extreme emotion or in an emergency). The great thing about game is that you can become aware of how you are behaving with your wife or girlfriend, and turn it up or down as you think best.

  3. Deansdale says:

    There are different kinds of natural game though. My brother was extroverted, women liked him, he bedded some beauties. I am more introverted, but I got lots of female attention. I suppose I have natural “aloof” game.
    A good point I forgot to make :)
    There are different kinds of artificial game too, and you have to find out which one suits you and works best for you.

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  5. Xamuel says:

    Gonna agree with what Athol said here. There really is something to “fake it ’til you make it”. Looking back now, I think all of (e.g.) Mystery’s material is a crock of shit, but I’m still grateful for it, because it was exactly what was needed to get my AD&D/anime/nerdy ass out of the office and into the clubs. If you’d told me “just go talk to a bajillion women”, I’d’ve tuned it out. But start talking about the Attraction-Comfort-Seduction matrix and all that shit, and hell, this is like a video game. I know video games…

    Eventually, you internalize stuff. Some of what was artificial gets filtered out as bullshit, and the rest gets internalized, so is no longer artificial.

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