I found this video on The Best Article Every Day. It’s very sad but seems very real. The single mom, the “mean girl”. This video symbolises what many young boys are going through right now and how they fight against it but their spirits are broken by others.

Of course it’s about poverty and not about fatherlessness but most of us understand there’s a connection between these things.

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6 Responses to Linkage

  1. I hated those “what I did on the weekend” Monday morning writing assignments in school. I lied my ass off in those too.

    Even so, life can suck for those broken home kids.

  2. CS says:

    Yup, that boy is better off without a father because women need men like fish need bicycles. Striking video on the ‘wonderful’ life of fatherless children.

  3. Gorbachev says:

    Yeah. Where’s the father?

    Life is better with fathers. Feminism rules.

    Maybe we need to steal more money from men, impoverish them further, and if they won’t father children, just tax them to give to single moms.

    Great solution.

  4. JackAmok says:

    Jeez, that clip just makes me sad. I wonder what the writers intent was with the mean girl at the end. Between this and Dalrock’s link to the “My Husband was my best friend” blog post, I think I need a prozac.

  5. MNL says:

    How dare you! You all have the “connection” or interpretation of this video entirely wrong. This video contains at its core an uplifting message of female “empowerment”! Can’t you see it? This woman has simply demanded to exercise her “rights” to have sex and raise a child in whatever manner she, herself, finds most fulfilling. In fact, she’s now finding greater personal fulfillment in single parenthood, not less. She now has more economic and personal choice, not less. How dare you speak against any sexual restraint that would prevent such profound self-actualization.

    Furthermore, how dare some of you claim that a child typically needs both a mother and a father. The child is just fine as-is (and even has an occasional uncle to fill that outdated role should it even be wanted). What archaic double standards and gender stereotypes you’re all reflecting. You should all be ashamed! In fact, I call for more child support payments from the family courts if the one-night-stand sperm donor can be discovered, or even greater legislation or taxation against an oppressive patriarchy, as the best remedy for the temporary economic misfortune this woman may be experiencing.

    /sarcasm rant off

  6. Badger Nation says:

    Coming in late but I haven’t really decided if the boy is consciously embellishing the truth to avoid shame at school, or if he’s so innocent and wide-eyed he interprets his reality to make the best of it.

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