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War never changes

Swiss stage world’s first antifeminism event “Amid plans by feminist activists to hold protests, the venue was changed and the new location kept under wraps until the last minute. … News of the meeting was reported in the press and … Continue reading

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A classic video

Feminists only want ekvalitee, right? And they are not prejudiced or hateful  against men, or male victims of DV… UPDATE Men’s activists hold a public forum to discuss the possibility of giving male victims of domestic violence some of the … Continue reading

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Lesbian domestic violence

This was intended to be a comment at Manboobz’ but after trying posting it for 5 minutes I said “WTF” to myself and decided to post it here. I was already unable to post comments there with Firefox (which I … Continue reading

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This is what a feminist brain looks like

From the comments section of manboobz’s blog: Tec, talking about MRAs: “And fyi, I don’t get wet from little babies and their tiny baby penises.” Manboobz: “Tec, thanks. (Except maybe for the baby penises bit; no need to sink to … Continue reading

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My challenge for feminists

Malestrom wrote an awesome comment at AVfM: “Has there ever been a piece of research done by actual feminists that failed to place 100% of the blame for whatever problem was under discussion on men? If so I havent seen … Continue reading

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One must ask, Mr. Furtrelle, if I am your enemy…what does that say about you? – from Equal but Different And an excellent post by Roosh on game, most useful for people with “intermediate skill”.

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The Big Debate – p4 – Fer cryin out loud

Originally posted as a comment at the big debate at A Voice for Men. Futrelle #3 “You STILL have not dealt with the fact that THE VERY PEOPLE YOU CITE TO SUPPORT YOUR ARGUMENT do NOT think women are “half … Continue reading

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Outrage. Pure f*ckin’ outrage.

*** Warning: Strong language ***

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The Big Debate – p3 – Let the mudslinging begin

I’ll analyze David Futrelle’s second answer in this post. “So, Paul, instead of actually responding to anything substantive, you” Well, David, in your first response you were talking about Paul’s sources, stating they are not credible. He did the same … Continue reading

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Men, women, lying and Golden Balls

Thanks to Athol Kay for this little video: It got me thinking. Here’s what I found; first from wikipedia: “The biggest amount won in the first series was £61,060 on 6 August 2007 when contestant Helen stole all the cash … Continue reading

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