Outrage. Pure f*ckin’ outrage.

*** Warning: Strong language ***

David Futrelle quoted stuff from xyonline.net and it made me curious as to what they’re up to. I went over there to see for myself if they are any good.

By looking at their name and by their words in their ‘about us’ page (“XY is a website focused on men, masculinities, and gender politics.“) I thought it might be a resource for men, maybe pro-feminist but male-oriented nonetheless. I was proven wrong faster than I could have imagined.

The first thing I decided to look at – for obvious reasons – was their Men’s & fathers’ rights page. There is literally, and I do mean literally NOT ONE SINGLE FUCKIN’ POSITIVE WORD about that man or fathers should have, or could have ANY RIGHTS WHATSOEVER. There are TWO PAGES worth of articles without a single positive mention of anything men’s rights related. And there’s more, if you can believe that: there’s not a single mention of anything positive about men altogether. All they write about is that Men’s rights and Father’s rights activists are evil and stupid. And all this from a supposedly male-oriented site. Un-fuckin’-believable. It seems their conclusion is that man and fathers should NOT have any rights. Literally. Not any. Man should just shut the fuck up and get out of the way sooner rather than later. They are all rapists and abusers anywayz.

Some titles and quotes:
“The Patriarchal Pity Party: MRA Trolls and their list of “Misandrist” quotes”
“(…) make custody decisions in Australia centered on what is in the best interests for children, based on principles of justice and compassion, not in service to abusive husbands and fathers”
“The myth of women’s false accusations of domestic violence and rape and misuse of protection orders”
“Male supremacist groups (“Father’s Rights”) have caused unspeakable harm to our country (…)”
“What’s wrong with fathers’ rights?”
“(…) an assessment and critique of the claims made by fathers’ rights groups and others about ‘fatherlessness’”
“The use of violence by fathers’ rights activists”

Oh fuck, I can’t take any more of this. There’s more but I can’t force myself to look at it.

If I’d say it’s fucked-up retarded shit full of hatred for themselves as well as for others, I’d be praising them. I don’t know how on earth could anyone adequately describe this stuff. It’s the distillation of Satan’s shit or somethin’ like that.

Actually I’m at a loss of words.

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2 Responses to Outrage. Pure f*ckin’ outrage.

  1. Omnipitron says:

    Holy crap, that’s utterly ridiculous. It’s like they’re a cult, completely ignoring the facts which are easily attainable in order to continue with their purple Kool-Aid drinking.

  2. Paul says:

    If you’ve got the stomach for it (although, even if you do, I actually don’t suggest doing what I’m about to say) you could google Julian Real, he’s one of the bloggers there. I haven’t read a lot of his stuff (because I don’t have the aforementioned stomach.) But what I have read is boggling. He describes himself as a “radical pro-feminist” (the name of his personal blog) has written a post stating (without irony, as far as I can tell) that fathers shouldn’t be left alone with their daughters because a small minority of fathers molested their own offspring.

    Also, when Mary Daly died, he attempted to hijack the comment section of a column about it and turn it into some sort of bitch-worshipping wank fest. (in other words, he attempted to set himself up as some kind of mini-mod, and dictate who could comment and how- even though he had zero authority to do so.)

    I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t attempted to cut off his own genitalia… that I know of.

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