My challenge for feminists

Malestrom wrote an awesome comment at AVfM:

“Has there ever been a piece of research done by actual feminists that failed to place 100% of the blame for whatever problem was under discussion on men? If so I havent seen it, you know what you’re getting with feminist ”research” before you even read it, you know it’s going to be finding how men are to blame for everything, that’s it’s purpose.”

I was smitten by how true it is.

Thus I have a challenge for feminists: show me a piece of research done by actual feminists that fails to place 100% of the blame – for whatever problem is under discussion – on men. Until then I have every right to disregard “feminist research” as heavily biased – including feminist DV research, which “surprisingly” places all the blame on men.

Malestrom FTW!

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15 Responses to My challenge for feminists

  1. Tec says:

    Dear Mr. Doesn’t-want-to-do-his-own-homework: Here’s a thought – try reading about feminism on your own before you make such sweeping conclusions about feminist studies without any actual, I don’t know, knowledge.

    By the way, is Maelstrom the pathetic whiner on (Or one of them, I should correctly say.) Hilarious!

  2. AvgGuy says:


    So… I guess that means you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion?

  3. Tec says:

    No it’s just rather trite for someone to ask for “evidence” from feminists when:
    (1) They’re not posting on a feminist site, thereby making in unlikely any feminists would wade into his women-hating neck of the internet and thus somehow proving a point capital “T” Truth, that said evidence doesn’t exist
    (2) Just another example of male entitlement – give me vs. let me find for myself. Should I spoonfeed him as well? Or is Deansvile still not on solid food?
    (3) Any evidence I do provide will be trolled as somehow not really evidence for being part of a feminist agenda or that even if not specifically identified as feminists are still examples of feminism trying to take down our precious patriarchy because of it’s pervasiveness within our culture or [insert crazy ass racist, homophobic, women-hating logic here]

    So in reality, it’s just a BS mental wank by Deansvile to feel superior.

  4. Tec says:

    *I meant that evidence doesn’t exist supporting his viewpoint. Damn, I didn’t get enough sleep.

  5. Deansdale says:

    Dear God.
    So, Tec, you won’t take up the challenge, you only came here for a little whining. You could prove me wrong with a simple example of decent feminist research but instead you’re just insulting people. Typical feminist bullshit.
    Is this the homework you were talking about? I already did that :)

    try reading about feminism on your own
    You know what? I have heard this bullshit a thousand times already when you probably didn’t even know feminism existed. I know more about feminism than you any day of the week.

    It takes a hypocritical retard to accuse MRAs of shaming other men with stuff like “mangina” and then misspell a guy’s name while calling him a pathetic whiner. GTFO.

    They’re not posting on a feminist site
    I find it ironic beyond the limits of comprehension that you’ve accused me with bullshit over at Futrelle’s feminist site, and he deleted the comment in which I defended myself, and then you came here telling me this.

    making it unlikely any feminists would
    You are here… And you’ve proven any and every “stereotype” about feminists, ie. arrogant, smug, dishonest, stupid, ignorant, etc. etc. etc.

    his women-hating neck of the internet
    Oh please, just GTFO. If you can show me just one tiny little example of women-hating in this blog I’ll kiss your ass, but until then, take your feminazi bullshit and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    said evidence doesn’t exist
    I don’t exactly understand what’s the point you’re trying to make here, but as I’ve already said if you think I’m wrong, just take up the challenge and win it. Quite simple, isn’t it?

    Just another example of male entitlement
    For Christ’s sake… You’re the first real feminist commenter here and now I have to face the cold, cruel fact that maybe I was not really prepared for this level of serious retardation to show up at my place. Male entitlement my ass.

    give me vs. let me find for myself
    I will not spend the rest of my life searching for something that doesn’t exist browsing through feminist propaganda. I issued a challenge, quite simple and easy. You might take it or leave it but if you’re not ready to take it then don’t come here bitching.

    Any evidence I do provide will be trolled as somehow not really evidence
    Let’s just try it and we’ll see. So far the only thing evident is that you’re full of prejudices and bigotry towards MRAs and you’ve come here to insult me at my own place while showing no proof whatsoever for your assertions.

    trying to take down our precious patriarchy because of it’s pervasiveness within our culture
    The bullshit just keeps on comin’. The “patriarchy” you’re looking for doesn’t even exist, and it never did. It’s just the most retarded conspiracy theory in history, this idea of yours that billions of men somehow conspired to abuse women by monopolizing the privilege of working in coal mines and dying while on the way to the far east to deliver spices and silk to the women at home. And while 99.9% of all men did not get anything positive out of this deal, somehow these billions of men just kept their mouth shut anyways about this conspiracy for thousands of years. Yeah, right. The dreaded patriarchy. And aliens stealing your orange juice.

    So, Tec… If you ever decide to comment here again, please take your golden chance to prove me an idiot by actually taking up the challenge and providing me with feminist research placing blame not on men, but women, in any field of problems. If you’re not up to the task but still come around insulting me you should expect to be moderated.

    Oh, just two conditions:
    1. Placing “blame” on women stating that they are too good and too kind-hearted and let the evil men do… evil is not acceptable as “blaming women” for a problem.
    2. I won’t accept research as feminist from researchers who are cast out of the mainstream feminist movement, like Christina Hoff Sommers. You’ve expelled her, she was even called a traitor to women and “not being a women”, so it would be more than dishonest to refer to her.
    I want to see mainstream feminist research where they look at scientific facts or statistics and they arrive at the conclusion that it’s women, not men, who are the core of the specific problem, whatever that problem might be. Then I would believe honest feminist researchers exist.

  6. Deansdale says:

    [insert crazy ass racist, homophobic, women-hating logic here]
    Considering I have never said anything about race or sexual preference other than referring to studies about LGBT domestic violence these accusations are rather strange – or, to be more precise, they would be strange if they were coming from an honest person.
    Women-hating? It’s the oldest trick in the book of feminists. It’s rather overused, I might add. I’m arguing against feminism. This has nothing to do with either “hate” or “women”.

  7. slwerner says:

    Well, technically speaking, Dr. Eugene Kanin considered himself a staunch feminist at the time he was doing his studies on false rape reporting.

    Of course, he was “kicked out” of the movement for his “heresy” of demonstrating that women lie quite a bit (like 42-50% of the time — way more than the 2% fabricated rate feminists preferred to believe in) about having been raped when they had not been.

    So, I’m not sure he counts.

  8. Athanasios says:

    LOL Male Entitlement and “give me vs. let me find for myself.” Because it’s soooooooo like men to just have everything handed to them. That’s probably how they “invented” the car, roads, computers, the internet, the refrigerator, and every other device you “empowered” women depend on for existence – it was handed to them by aliens.

  9. Deansdale says:

    Slwerner, I think you have answered your own question. Feminists don’t consider Kanin’s findings “feminist research”, so, me neither :)
    On the contrary, he’s the best proof that feminists can’t stand honest research.

  10. PPley says:

    I think this is a rather unfair question. There can be no studies because anyone who even shows a glimmer of support for men or wants to hold women accountable for anything they do cannot, by definition, be a feminist(according to many).

    So any actual studies done by feminists who conclude that men aren’t evil rapists who go ’round killin’ bitches ’cause it’s so gosh darn fun will either have been
    A. Suppressed by feminists
    B. Disavowed by feminists and their name “tarnished” as an antifeminist.

  11. Nergal says:

    “Just another example of male entitlement – give me vs. let me find for myself. Should I spoonfeed him as well? Or is Deansvile still not on solid food?”

    Oh, you mean like women demanding that men get down on one knee, offer them a rock mined by mistreated African boys who probably died from malnourishment shortly after digging it up, and then BEG for the “honor” of making all “their dreams come true”. Or the fifty thousand articles by mainstream feminist journalists angrily lamenting that there are no more men who will pull out their chairs or change their tires for them after they themselves called such behavior oppressive less than 20 years ago?

    Yeah, male entitlement, for sure.

    What it sounds like to me is a not-so clever dodge.

    “Show me proof that your God exists and I’ll worship him.”

    “Don’t tempt God, you UNBELIEVER!”

    You don’t have a study with no anti-male bias, so you trot out this “male entitlement” bullshit to shift the focus. We aren’t stupid, we’ve been wise to this bullshit for about 30 years,buddy. How long do you think the same bag of tricks will hold up? Once society moves beyond the “women are all immaculate angels” meme (which you did for us, thanks, feminists) all you can do is dance around like a fucking muppet trying to avoid answering a direct question directly, and then people KNOW you’re full of shit whether you answer the question or not.

    We’ll take you to task for your female chauvinism with or without your input, there isn’t a rock you can hide under anymore,because as I said,YOU ordered all the rocks removed. The rocks are OPPRESSING ME! :*( How are those unintended consequences working out for you, you male-hating fucktard?

  12. Paul says:

    You’re telling us to do our own homework tec? Weren’t you the one over at Manboobz who was asking the MRM to provide men who’d been abused by women? Why don’t you do YOUR homework?

    incidentally, since I’m such an awesome guy I’ll get you started:

  13. CCA says:

    Which studies place 100% of blame on men? Name your sources, please. I didn’t see any with that kind of statistic in the debate and can’t find any elsewhere either.

  14. Deansdale says:

    First of all, before I even start answering, let me remind you of the fact that most feminist DV research material have “against women” in their titles, so, they are placing 100% of blame on men before they even start any research work.

    No matter how they try to twist their data gathering methods, most of the time the pure data shows that women are part of the problem* (we’re talking about DV now, right?). But somehow when they describe “the findings” to the public, it’s always “teh evil menz”.
    Case in point: the video Paul Elam linked in one of his posts. The raw data shows teen aged men are “victims” too but somehow the conclusion – and thus, the media – does not seem to notice the fact.
    Another case in point: the recent Obama DV program An Event to End Violence Against Women. What would you expect with a title like this? You can count the word “women” in the linked govt webpage, it occures 15 times (including captions). The word “men”? Not once. “Violence is still a significant barrier in many women’s lives”, they say, and somewhere along the way they mention “Children suffer, too.”. Men? Who gives a fuck about men? The government and the feminists don’t, that’s for sure. The only mention of males? Some kid who was “being afraid to come home when he saw his father’s car parked in front of the house”. This is the result of “feminist research”. Do they place 100% of the blame on men? It’s closer to 110% actually.
    So, my challenge is not for the data which practically noone besides the researchers actually see, but for it’s interpretation. I know, I know, I make a lot of clarfications after issuing the challenge, but I don’t think I’m being unfair here.
    From time to time people show up with conclusions that women are a part of the problem – these are the people expelled and abused by the mainstream feminists.

    * But let’s not forget about the fact that they were only asking women about abusive men for decades, thus automatically placing all blame on men, naturally, before independent researchers came along saying that’s not scientific research. The feminist conclusions didn’t change in the last few decades though. See any feminist argument, for example manboobz’: if women are violent, they are doing it in self-defense (oh, teh evil menz), or they have other legit and justified reasons, and let’s just forget about it altogether because women suffer more bruises so male victims are not important at all. The best example: denying explicitly that women are half the problem. All his efforts went into this. The problem is with teh evil menz! Teh poor wymynz are victims only.
    If you have followed the debate, tell me, have you seen even just one feminist saying “well, yeah, you have a point, women are violent too”? Me neither.

  15. Paul says:

    Actually, they will admit to female violence, but only after a few caveats (it was self-defense, “he must have done something to deserve it, like cheating… or just being annoying.” Or he didn’t pick up the dirty socks.

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