This is what a feminist brain looks like

From the comments section of manboobz’s blog:

Tec, talking about MRAs: “And fyi, I don’t get wet from little babies and their tiny baby penises.

Manboobz: “Tec, thanks. (Except maybe for the baby penises bit; no need to sink to their level.)

Tec: “And so David, so the tiny penis comment wasn’t meant for you, just the big babies who weren’t breastfed long enough and now whine about evil womynz.

And I thought shaming language was sooo last year :))) Unbelievable :D

“Those guys have small dicks… But not you, David, you’re a feminist after all…”

All the while completely missing Manboobz’s point about shaming language. Hilarious.

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4 Responses to This is what a feminist brain looks like

  1. dalrock says:

    Good post. It helps to shine a light on this kind of absurdity. They expect to get a pass because they do it so often and no one calls them on it.

    This is what makes debating feminists so easy and also so frustrating. They are far too predictable.

  2. Eoghan says:

    Funny, note that the guy who is against using penis size to shame is ok with using symptoms of weight and hormone problems and/or a serious disease called Gynecomastia for the same.

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