A classic video

Feminists only want ekvalitee, right? And they are not prejudiced or hateful  against men, or male victims of DV…


Men’s activists hold a public forum to discuss the possibility of giving male victims of domestic violence some of the social services that are currently only available to female victims. Feminists, who strongly oppose any recognition of male victims of abuse, disrupt the forum and try to shut it down. They oppose free and open discussion of gender issues.

The conference was held in Ottawa, Canada six or seven years ago. It was organized by two fathers’ groups in Ottawa. The keynote speaker was Canadian Senator Anne Cools. You can easily find information about her on the web.

She has been a radical feminist and in 1974 she founded one of the first shelters for abused women in Canada. In the 1990s she changed her views and became a vocal defender of fathers and has campaigned for greater access between children and fathers after divorce. She is also a strong advocate for battered husbands and that was the topic of her speech at the conference (Family Violence). She still has a seat in the Canadian Senate.

In total there were eight videos of the feminists disrupting the conference, but I picked the second one as being most representative. In the end, the feminists, cursing and spitting, were removed by security.

This video is reproduced with the permission of http://www.fathers.ca

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3 Responses to A classic video

  1. Nutz says:

    What exactly is going on in this video? I see a bunch of loud mouthed femtards shouting down some guy trying to give a presentation but I have no idea what the topic was or why they found it necessary to be that obnoxious.

  2. Deansdale says:

    Sorry, I updated the post with the information.

  3. Feminazis come in all kinds of political shapes and sizes and belong to a verity of selected women’s groups and clubs. Some of them choose to use whistle’s and others use violence to disrupt any kind of forums, that speak out about women killing their children to women’s violence on men and children What people are seeing in this video is a group from the BC Vancouver Rape Center, who decided to come to Ann Cools forum and claim all kinds of crazy things, in order to make it out that women’s groups know best for governments and over men, even if they use disinformation rather then fact…Sad bunch of losers.

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