War never changes

Swiss stage world’s first antifeminism event

“Amid plans by feminist activists to hold protests, the venue was changed and the new location kept under wraps until the last minute.

News of the meeting was reported in the press and led to a demonstration by 50 feminist activists in Zurich and graffiti was sprayed on a community hall in Uitikon, canton Zurich, where the meeting was planned. Leaflets have also been handed out for a rally to coincide with the event.”

Other sources were a bit more blunt:

“after protests and a paint attack on the town’s community hall this week, the venue pulled out of hosting the meeting.”

For another example of disruptive feminists, see my previous post.

Same topic, different case:

“In fact, the Suffragettes started off relatively peacefully.  It was only in 1905 that the organisation created a stir when Christabel Pankhurst and Annie Kenney interrupted a political meeting in Manchester (…)”
“Suffragettes plotted to assassinate Herbert Asquith, the Liberal prime minister, as part of their campaign to achieve votes for women”

Well, well. The gender war didn’t change much in a century. Feminists were terrorists then, they are terrorists now.

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