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One more thought

A quote from the salon article analyzed yesterday: “Other DOJ data shows men are more likely to be attacked with a knife or hit with a thrown object; women are more likely to be grabbed, held or tripped, raped, or … Continue reading

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In the same way that putting a ring in a bull’s nose doesn’t make it any less a bull, putting a ring on a slut’s finger will not make her any less a slut. I would add that the data … Continue reading

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Is feminist bs on the rise?

I have found an ‘interesting’ article at salon via It is titled “Is female-on-male violence on the rise?” and it is full of feminist rhetoric of the worst kind. “we also — obviously — had Chris vs. Rihanna, along … Continue reading

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Manboobz’ “Worst of the MRM”

I rarely visit manboobz’ blog since the “big debate” has ended because it’s apparent he’s just a mentally challenged radical feminist like any other. Usually I don’t use such language but after posts like this I feel compelled to… He … Continue reading

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Gravity Holds Women Down

“Gravity Holds Women Down”, found via What Men Are Saying About Women. Excerpt: “Gravity is designed to benefit men, who have thicker bones and greater upper-body strength. Today, we see the results everywhere of the patriarchy’s efforts to keep women … Continue reading

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It’s not about consent

Most probably you have read the Spearhead article or you might have heard the original story: “The Supreme Court of Canada will consider on Monday whether an Ottawa woman, who had admittedly kinky sex with her longtime partner, was a … Continue reading

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A Proper Stimulus Package – from China

It is a more-or-less widely known fact that most of the stimulus money in the US went to banks and bankers. Even the money pumped into the ‘heavy’ industries got somehow “diverted” into the pockets of execs and higher management. … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Men and Women, chapter 571

I won’t get into how the Star Trek franchise got feminised and feminist-ized over the last decades, but I’ve found a good example in the Voyager series of some of the differences between men and women. In this video Kathryn … Continue reading

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What is feminism – a short quote from Zed

(…) “feminism” really is FEMININE-ism. It is the ideology that the female way of dealing with things is “right” and the male way is “wrong.” “Women good, men bad.” (emphasis mine)

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Attack on the Manosphere?

Obsidian’s blog is gone, you’ve probably heard about that already. But now The Spearhead and In Mala Fide is offline too. I couldn’t reach them in the last hour or so. Even if it’s not a real attack on the … Continue reading

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