The Difference Between Men and Women, chapter 571

I won’t get into how the Star Trek franchise got feminised and feminist-ized over the last decades, but I’ve found a good example in the Voyager series of some of the differences between men and women.

In this video Kathryn (the captain) is having a dispute with her first officer. To the observer it’s clear that the arguments of the guy are a lot more meaningful and coherent; in other words Chakotay is right, and she is wrong. But she won’t budge. And she tries to make it personal:

“Do you trust me, Chakotay?”
“That isn’t the issue.”
“Oh but it is.”

So very typical of women I must say. ‘If you don’t agree with me that means you don’t like me.’

I bet if the argument would have escalated she’d have accused him of having a small penis :)

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