It’s not about consent

Most probably you have read the Spearhead article or you might have heard the original story:

“The Supreme Court of Canada will consider on Monday whether an Ottawa woman, who had admittedly kinky sex with her longtime partner, was a victim of sexual assault when he sodomized her against her will while she was passed out, even though she had agreed to asphyxiation.”

The Spearhead article is good, but I think a detail of utmost importance avoided proper scrutiny:

“K.D. took her complaint to Ottawa police two months after the alleged assault, when she was seeking custody of the couple’s toddler.”

We all know what this means. There was no rape of any kind, she just wants the kid (and probably the house and the child support). I have a wild guess that a girlfriend of hers or her lawyer suggested that she come up with a story like this. Since child abuse was out of the question, it had to be rape. So she “suddenly” “remembered” that she was raped some months ago. Yeah, sure. This is so obviously a fraud it couldn’t be more so.

Thing is, a decent court would either kick her out or examine her fraud closely and throw her in jail for it. But we live in the west and this is the 21st century; our courts are anything but decent. A village elder in the middle ages would possess the needed amount of common sense but not our judges.

And it’s highly ironic that because of her fraud and our inept judges we’ll quite probably have new laws (or at least precedents) that will make life much more miserable for lots of innocent men.

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4 Responses to It’s not about consent

  1. Lovekraft says:

    Why are more of these cases not thrown out due to the plaintiff acting in a vexatious manner? We in Canada have “Human Rights” commissions whose record of aggressive and extra-judicial activities would define their entire mandate as vexatious.

    Good riddance, I say.

  2. James in Canada says:

    I feel despair for my country. Everything that has gone on here since Trudeau has been one big mistake. Good Lord, we need to give the Conservatives a majority in the Commons.

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  4. Will S. says:

    Oh, please, James; do you really think the Tories today are any better than the Grits?

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