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This is How Politics Work

Thanks to Ferdinand Bardamu. The original is from Ben Garrison’s blog, and his thoughts are worth reading too.

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Another Feminist Myth Busted for the Nth Time

This time it’s the sex trafficking myth: “Today, there are hundreds of non-governmental organisations in Cambodia alone working to ‘rescue and rehabilitate’ sex workers. Local sex-worker representatives even claim that there are more anti-trafficking activists than there are genuine trafficking … Continue reading

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Again Roosh, this time with The United States Of Broken Women. Excerpt: “(…) I wondered where I could score some of the testosterone she must be injecting so I, too, can adopt a take-no-prisoners attitude that she was taught will … Continue reading

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Reason for Optimism

You’ve probably heard about Melanie McDonagh’s brain-dead article at the Spectator about paternity testing. But look at the comments… Not many feminists there, that’s for sure. I’m optimistic about the future of the MRM :) Just one example, from Steven: … Continue reading

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