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Forcing men to kill themselves is what our governments consider as ‘fun’

I don’t know what to say. But the police operation which ran for more than five years is steeped in controversy, with critics claiming the computer database of users’ names and credit card details was riddled with fraud. (…) “there … Continue reading

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What happened to Fedrz?

What happened to Fedrz’ blog No Ma’am? It seems he deleted everything he posted this year. A shame, really. — UPDATE: He didn’t :) — UPDATE 2: Something is definitely not right around there. Some time ago I saw a … Continue reading

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…and once again on conspiracies

On wikileaks, via In Mala Fide (original source here): “In this sense, most of the media commentary on the latest round of leaks has totally missed the point. After all, why are diplomatic cables being leaked? These leaks are not … Continue reading

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Support Julian Assange

I agree with Ferdinand Bardamu: “The charges against Assange aren’t even bullshit. They’re bullshit squared. They’re as grounded in reality as the existence of unicorns and green cheese on the moon. Interpol starting a manhunt for him on the basis … Continue reading

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