Support Julian Assange

I agree with Ferdinand Bardamu:

“The charges against Assange aren’t even bullshit. They’re bullshit squared. They’re as grounded in reality as the existence of unicorns and green cheese on the moon. Interpol starting a manhunt for him on the basis of these charges is evidence that they are little more than instruments of the government-corporate complex.”

“I’m issuing a call to men’s rights activists, manosphere denizens, and other anti-feminists – we MUST support Julian Assange.


Palin Assange

Palin Assange

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2 Responses to Support Julian Assange

  1. anon says:

    This is OT but I read the ‘Women’s Infidelity’ book you linked on Athol Kay’s sight. I think my wife is in Stage 1 possibly Stage 2. Do you reccomend doing what the book suggests or something else. Thanks

  2. Deansdale says:

    Sadly I don’t quite remember what Langley suggests.

    Stage 1 practically means that a wife is losing (sexual) interest in her husband. In other words, the attraction is fading. Now, attraction is “alpha territory”. The husband must re-ignite his wife’s attraction towards him by acting more alpha, ie. more dominant, confident, etc., and also probably should start losing weight, build some muscles, buy new clothes, etc. If a man is attractive to women, he will be attractive to his own wife. One “trick” a husband could use is to let the wife know that other women are “interested” in him. It’s very important to understand that it’s not the husband who should show interest in other women; it’s women who should show interest in the husband.

    Stage 2 means that the wife is getting interested in other men. That’s bad news. I’d say if you have no kids you should prepare for a divorce. If you yourself do not want to divorce at least prepare for the possibility that your wife will initiate one. Defend yourself and your assets.
    If you want to stay married, you have to seriously reform how you act and talk with your wife. The best advice I could give to a husband is to read game material, especially LTR game. A husband who have let himself be “betaized” has to wake up and take control of his marriage.
    No amount of psychobabble can save a marriage. Counseling, being more tolerant or attentive, buying gifts, endless talks, etc. etc. will NOT help.
    What will help is (forgive me for putting it bluntly) manning up.
    This may sound stupid but women find exciting guys… exciting. And there’s nothing exciting about husbands who are walkovers.

    What I would do is immediately start preparing for a vacation abroad, at least a week long one at that. I’d tell my wife “honey, we’re going to venice for christmas” or something like that. Don’t take no for an answer. Also, while preparing for this vacation I’d read tons of game material on building and keeping attraction, and I’d try to use that knowledge while on vacation. You have to make your wife believe that you’re an interesting, exciting and attractive guy.

    LTR game
    Why nice guys finish last – most of it is useful for husbands too
    18 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Laid – similar to the previous one, also good for married guys

    Of course there are more good material out there, these are just what I found in my bookmarks :)

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