What happened to Fedrz?

What happened to Fedrz’ blog No Ma’am? It seems he deleted everything he posted this year. A shame, really.

UPDATE: He didn’t :)

UPDATE 2: Something is definitely not right around there. Some time ago I saw a fresh link at HL’s, pointing to a new post by Fedrz but by the time I clicked the link the post was already gone. Not even google cache had it. Now there’s another new link at HL’s meaning Fedrz have posted something new, but it’s from 2003 and it does not show up at his blog’s main page. I don’t know what’s he doing…

UPDATE 3: He’s gone crazy fishing. Fck. That’s bad news.

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4 Responses to What happened to Fedrz?

  1. MarkyMark says:

    Wow, he did! I have a lot of the same material he did, but since he was posting, it, I refrained from doing so. Now, I have another reason to keep my blog going: to pick up the slack of Fedrz…

  2. Snark says:

    Looks all right to me. The posts are still there, he’s just posted a fuckton of posts in one day (Nov 21st) pushing the rest down.

  3. Deansdale says:

    He has posts from 2008 and 2007 on the front page, but beneath them is the content from 2010. What confused me was that these reposts have the original date on them, plus he didn’t write anything since reposting these.
    I’ve been looking at these posts for quite some time when he took that 2 year break from blogging :)

    My bad :D

  4. namae nanka says:

    you scared the hell out of me!

    PS- and snark wasted my bookmarks. )”:

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