If you can’t get laid, read this – part 4

(Part one, two and three.)

First a few words about evolution and natural selection. In the course of human history (I’m talking about hundreds of thousands of years here) those men who could not protect themselves and those kids whose father could not protect them had a smaller chance of survival and passing on their genes. We are the descendants of men who were able to protect themselves and their families. And this means we are the descendants of women who desired these men. The women who desired “weak” men gradually faded out from our collective gene pool because their offspring had a smaller chance of survival. This is the reason why contemporary women desire “strong” men; all their foremothers desired strong men and it’s in their genes, in their instincts. It’s what makes their ginas tingle, and this will not change in a few hundred years because evolution worked for hundreds of thousands of years to refine it this way.

But there are more than one way to “be strong” in the sense that you are able to protect yourself and your family. One way – the most obvious – is to be healthy and physically strong. Note: women subconsciously look for signs of health. An other way is to be a “leader type” so you can command others to do your bidding. Note: women subconsciously look for signs of dominance. An other way is to have exceptional social skills so you have lots of friends to help you in times of need. Note: women subconsciously look for signs of good social skills.

What all these types of men have in common is that they are not afraid of life, so to speak. They are confident, brave, calm, relaxed, maybe even aloof, etc. They know in their hearts that they can handle anything life throws at them. This is what I called ‘resourcefulness’. And women also look for signs of these traits.

The problem is, most men nowadays are not resourceful. And if you don’t show the signs women are looking for you will not have much success with women.

But here’s the catch, albeit a positive one :) Even if you know you’re not the ‘resourceful type of guy’ you can try to look like one. It’s not a question of having any resources anyways, as exemplified by Bill Gates.

Now it’s time to make some things clear. When done “properly”, game is a self-improvement journey, where your destination is to have the personality of resourceful guys. That means you should aim to have a calm, relaxed, fearless personality which, by the way,  will be attractive to women. But you can’t just flip a switch and leave your media-brainwashed, pussy-whipped beta personality behind and live the life of an alpha. Hence the “journey” of self improvement. You have to change day by day.

There are two ways of improving yourself. I think the more important one is to learn. Learn about women, about yourself, game, evolution, etc. When you understand how evolution shaped men and women and how this relates to your personal dating problems you will automatically become more confident. Truth will set you free. The other way is to have actual success with women, making you more confident. But to have more success you have to emit signs of attractiveness and you can only do that by improving your body language.

So, either you read game blogs and look for kernels of truth about the psyche of women, or you start to imitate the body language of alphas, or, naturally, you can do both at the same time for best results.

Of course there are dangers along both ways. If you read game blogs but never try what you have learned you will become a keyboard jockey without any actual improvement in your sexlife. Or you can become a bitter man if you put too much emphasis on the darker, immoral parts of women’s desires. OTOH if you just grab a handful of openers and negs and go out and act weird, you can easily be crushed by the number (and manner) of rejections. You can become a bitter man this way too.

My opinion is that beginners should read game blogs and figure out how the puzzle can be solved. But you should accept only what you find logical and believable. Don’t fall for BS. There is logic behind all this and if you lose sight of it you’ve wondered off the right path. Then comes the time to experiment with things, but I will write about that later.

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2 Responses to If you can’t get laid, read this – part 4

  1. lifeinlonglegs says:

    Women seeking out a capable, resourceful man – exactly! This is why we like a guy with a car. A very good male friend of mine lamented about how women did not like the fact that he took public transportation…wanted a guy with a car. He thought it was about materialism. …I asked him how he would feel if he were a woman going into labour and then having to take three bus transfers to the hospital. It’s still about provision in the sense that women are biologically vulnerable and actually need and want men to take care of us and to be sheltered by you [not talking about housing here, but rather shelter in the same sense that God is a strong tower for His Bride].

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