Sensible game advice from a woman

Dr. Helen of course does not write about game directly, but her advice is gold for beta guys:

One important question that commenter dunkelzahn4prez asked me, “How does a man go about calling out behavior from a woman that is, at best, unacceptable? And what does one do when the woman’s response is to escalate?”

That is a great question for so many men out there lack the resources and psychological tools needed to deal with women who do not respect them, both prior to marriage and afterwards. Acquiring these tools is a process, one that takes practice and patience with oneself, especially for the men out there who have been keeping quiet to keep the peace.
Learn to tolerate conflict. So, my basic advice to men who want to know what to do to gain respect in their relationship is to practice and learn to be more comfortable in male/female arguments.
Learn to live with it because if you are male in this society and stand up for your needs or wants, you will be called a jerk and worse.

The article has a telling title: “Overwhelmed by female anger, men fold.”

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4 Responses to Sensible game advice from a woman

  1. anonymous says:

    This is the worst advice I’ve ever read.

    Get your game to the level where you consistently score 4 women per year. If you are really bad, this may take a year or two to get there, but you will get there if you are persistent.

    Dump the next 10 women you lay. I don’t care if you think you’ve found your dream girl, dump her after 1 to 2 months. Give her no explanation other than “I don’t want to be in a relationship right now” Do this 10x

    After 10 sacrificial breakups, you’ll at least have some confidence in your skills. Most guys should reach an indifference threshold by this point.

    You should also have 1-3 stalkers that you can lay once in a while on the side or in case of breakups.

    Now when drama starts, just walk and find a new one. Have sex with the backups.

  2. Deansdale says:

    You know I give advice to normal guys. Who wants to live a life like you describe?
    I don’t want stalkers and booty calls, and to reach an “indifference threshold”, I want (and have) a comfortable life with a sane, agreeable and lovable long-term GF.
    Mine is not a blog for Mystery clones/wannabes.

  3. alistair says:

    hmmm. i tend to agree with deansdale for the most part, but if you are younger than 30 you will probably find yourself around women who are incapable of being the stable agreeable sane sort who could become a lovable long-term GF.

    women are too competitive with eachother for the few alpha men in circulation at any one time to be stable and sane, so the pragmatic man goes for the first poster`s life style, if he`s smart and disciplined to be able to stay the course…or wait until he`s in his late 40s to find the rare woman who`s learned a few lessons and kept her looks to be that loving partner.

    oh yeah, and another thing, ALL women want marriage, no matter what their age, unless they have issues (and when i say issues, i mean the freak out and hurt herself or yourself issues….)

  4. Deansdale says:

    Probably all men dream about f*cking hundreds of women, preferably supermodels, but they know this is just a dream. It’s not an available option for 99.9% of men even with game or whatnot.
    I think the best lifestyle is to have a GF who’s LTR material, and have occasional flings with girls who are not. Of course until you find someone who is LTR material it’s okay to have short and emotionless relationships with any girl who’s available, but it’s not a lifestyle to aspire to. It’s a lot better to have a relationship with someone you love than to have a fuckbuddy (or two).

    Then again, lots of guys can’t even date one girl, I reckon it’s a really stupid advice to tell them to go find dozens and dump them all. I say they should learn game, find one girl, have a relationship as long as possible and learn the proper skillset in the LTR. Then they will have better chances at the dating market.

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