Why men don’t like “smart women”

A very telling quote from Tracy McMillan’s article about why western women can’t seem to find a husband nowadays:

You’re a Bitch.
Here’s what I mean by bitch. I mean you’re angry. You probably don’t think you’re angry. You think you’re super smart (…)

Women quite often confuse “smart” with “angry”, and then they wonder why men don’t like them.

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10 Responses to Why men don’t like “smart women”

  1. Mouse says:

    Smart people in general are more angry than stupid people, because they have a bigger picture of the fucked up shit that goes on in this world. Ignorance really is bliss…

  2. Richard says:


    That nails it too.

    Its funny how women blame things on supposedly “good” qualities – the problem is – they confuse “good” qualities with things that are actually bad…

    i.e. confusing being a b*tch with being smart.

  3. rc2988 says:

    Men do like smart women, and the smart women are often the most beautiful. It is smart to be and stay pretty. Of course every man has his own ideas about who is good looking and who is not. Bad acting is not pretty, even if the features are pleasant.

  4. Seems like to many modern, high-striving “smart” women have a sort of “intellectual Napoleon complex.” They have this cranial chip on their shoulder and are in a constant state of defensiveness and one-upsmanship toward every man they encounter, especially those who pose a threat.

  5. alistair says:

    the smartest woman i know says she has to play dumb in her work with men occasionally, but mostly with other women. she`s a phd psychologist, sarcastic as hell and beautiful (though i can`t tell her that. i have only recently been able to go as far as pretty.) she`s my wife though, so i`m biased.

    her daughter though…she`s a different matter. competitive little 4th generation feminist, and angry, not smart. (i have to edit her college essays so they don`t read like a text message.)

  6. berenger says:

    Maybe they get p’d off with so many people – especially men – talking to them as if they are dim. I know I do. But my smarts make up for any negatives, by far. I’m a happy person. I don’t agree that ignorace is bliss. Some fo the most angry people on the planet are ignorami: the BNP for example – mostly men too, also, most violent crime is commited by men – don’t think it’s by predominantly clever men either – I think it’s pretty universal.

  7. Deansdale says:

    And men get p’d off because so many women are acting like b*tches. A vicious cycle that should end sooner rather than later.
    Smarts do not make up for other shortcomings. A smart pain in the *ss ain’t better than a stupid one :P
    And yes, men can be stupid and irritating and angry. The difference between men and women is that men do NOT try to look smarter by acting butthurt.

  8. Ka says:

    Can a woman be smart if she knows not what a man wants but only what she likes? Can a man be really smart if he does not know what a woman wants? That is something we can all think about.

    Why you ask? Men are not brought up to overcome intellectual sparring before finding a partner. Men having sex need blood to stay below wist to make it happen. Men are attracted to fun regardless of physical or social nature, and not interesting compelling argument that are presented by smart women within the context of relationship.

    Women have the tendency to choose matches of equal or higher earning power which is not determined by intelligent, but by college degrees and luck. Now days there are more female graduates than there are male graduates. The academic minority of male gender that has remarkable earning power are taken off market by pretty women and prettily smart women. That leaves other smart women looking for their ideal matches of non-existent in the dating market within the Anglo sphere. Smart women, here is what you can do; find men that earn less and not have college degrees or find men that are attractive enough regardless of their employment status. An out side the box thinking is to find men from overseas in the very same way as white men marrying from other countries in the last many decades. Praying while maintaining the traditional standard for ideal matches is not practical for white women that are smart, because you don’t really pray (praying is BS), and numbers don’t lie (non provided here). Change your standard while you are still young or risk living your smart women menopause in single lifestyle with coffee when the time comes. Go and share this message, you are a smart woman, and I know you can do it. XD

    Here is my blog:


  9. Rachel L says:

    American men like stupid women, but in the world at large, men do not enjoy being with an airhead. Countries such as those in Eastern Europe, except more intellectual power from women. I have known several Russian women, and they all had advanced science degrees. It was par for the course , women take physics, math and engineering in other parts of the world, it’s expected

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