I can’t even get mad anymore

The Good Man Project presented us with an article about MRAs written by an angry feminist. That’s right; who else would you ask to write about MRAs? Unsurprisingly the feminist idiot thinks the answer to men’s problems is more feminism. Is that arrogance or what?

She starts with this:

“Men’s rights activists—a loose coalition mostly comprised of men embittered that they’re not getting as much tail as they believe they’re due (…)”

The first sentence is not even over yet but it’s abundantly clear already that she hates MRAs and intentionally ridicules them because she’s a feminist.

The way she describes MRAs is like saying feminists are butch and hairy lesbians, angry because their penis-envy is poisoning their already twisted soul. Is this a constructive discussion? Are the TGMP fellows dumb enough to not recognize that feminists are not neutral outsiders? I doubt it.

Nevertheless, I don’t feel the rage I used to. They are getting boring. They’re so stupid they’re not worth even the righteous anger any more.

Amanda Idiot then proceeds to describe what she thinks the MRAs are talking about and her very first point is this:

“Problem: Men are more often the primary or even sole breadwinners of nuclear-family households.”

Come on, Idiot, there’s not a single article or blogpost in the MRM that complains about that men are often the primary breadwinners. Is that a “problem” at all? Does she expect anybody with an ounce of knowledge about the MRM to accept this bullshit? Of course the feminist retardhood will laud her but what does this MRM-bashing has to do with the Good Men Project? Good Men Project my ass. If you’re looking for something which really is about Good Men, try Men Are Good. Also, we should avoid these fake male-friendly sites/programs like the plague. Luckily they are easily recognizable after reading just one or two sentences.

Just one more piece of fun from the article: Why is it that Men are more likely to get killed at work? According to Idiot, it’s because “women are (…) informally discriminated against“. Ah teh poor, poor wymyn, they are soooo opressed.

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8 Responses to I can’t even get mad anymore

  1. JG says:

    Another stupid feminist who apparently thinks the hole between her legs automatically conveys her all-knowing wisdom on the MRM. No need to get angry, the majority of women are irrational and the concept of logic or systematic non-emotional analysis is alien to them.

  2. Phil says:

    The Good Men Project is a feminist site pretending to be a site for men. Some men who are new to the mens rights issue will be fooled into thinking that the GMP website represents men. The GMP is trying to control some of the anger of awakening men and steer that into a pro-feminist version of mens rights. It’s about controlling how arguments are being framed. Controlling how issues are talked about from the VERY beginning. The pro-feminist groups want an argument to begin from a pro-feminist perspective, so whoever wins the debate will be still be pro-feminist.

  3. Novaseeker says:

    It’s a feminist site, but they are worried about our memes spreading.

    Gents, we’re winning right now. Keep up the good work. Amanda be damned, she is a washed up former flunkie for John Edwards. We are winning.

  4. LS says:

    I started reading The Good Men Project about a year ago but got quickly bored with the wussy over-sensitive writing. That they got a man-hater like Marcotte to write shows they’re truly out of touch.

    Much better: The Art of Manliness.

  5. “It’s a feminist site, but they are worried about our memes spreading.”

    Deep down, I think they are absolutely terrified of our memes. That’s one of the reasons that men’s clubs were shut down or gender integrated in the earlier days of feminism. Such clubs were where men got together and told the truth about women.

    The manosphere is now an enormous and international men’s club and the men are sharing memes at light speed.

  6. Phil says:


    It’s not a matter of being out of touch, it’s a deliberate ideology they are promoting. They are simply now trying to disguise that ideology within the pro-mens movement.

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  8. Paul says:

    They let Hugo Schwyzer the pro-genital mutilation “professor” write there.

    They were mentored by an editor at Ms. Magazine.

    This is all you need to know

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