Where’s Fedrz when you need him?

There’s this “Proposal for a White House Council on Boys to Men“. It seems the authors have good intentions but they miss the point completely. The solution is not to create new institutions or laws but to abolish existing bad ones.

“Does anything better illustrate how sick we have become as a society than the phenomenon that we can [no] longer comprehend how to function without begging the government to impose more laws upon us?” – from Fedrz

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2 Responses to Where’s Fedrz when you need him?

  1. Pathetic. Although the name of the proposed legislature reminds me of this,

  2. Rob says:

    He’s never far away, and I’m glad to see you pick up on this – despite Paul Elam’s blowing sunshine up these guy’s asses and threatening retribution to any MRA opposing clowns like these – something backed up by a few other boomer’s I thought were valid allies. I’ll be back, and it will be messy and dirty when I do, as always.

    Here is a good article about political marxism, although it is now a dozen years old – but, the theory stands… one wonders, eh, how that might translate into Cultural Marxism? I can see it plain as day, as well as the boomer MRA’s standing ready to shove it down everyone else’s throats out of shear ignorance – which Paul Elam admits he is on the issues of Marxism, as well as game.

    Wishing to advance in a room full of people, I do not walk through the aisle and straight toward my goal. Nor do I move slowly through the crowd shaking hands with friends and acquaintences, discussing points of interest, gradually nearing the objective. The dialectical pathway is different. It consists of a resolute forward advance followed by an abrubt turn and retreat. Having retreated a distance there is another turn and advance. Through a series of forwardbackward steps the goal is approached. To advance thus is to advance dialectically. The Communist goal is fixed and changeless, but their direction of advance reverses itself from time to time. They approach their goal by going directly away from it a considerable portion of the time. Lenin wrote the textbook, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back. Chinese Communist schoolchildren are taught to do the dialectical march taking three steps forward and two steps back. If we judge where the Communists are going by the direction in which they are moving we will obviously be deceived

    I might write a few articles on this phenomenon and simply store them on them blog in my Fedrz Index, to be published at a later date.

    Fuck does this Male Studies crap piss me off – it is something I have been warning about for years now – that the online MRM will create widespread support for the issues, and then fucktard Ph D’s and other elites like Warren Farrell will move in and shove more Marxist fucking crap down our throats once we have invigorated the masses… it looks to be coming true.

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