Quote of the day

Pamela Haag, a feminist, writes in The Huffington Post:

Who Ever Said That Feminism Was About Your Happiness?
“To paraphrase a feminist canard, circa 1968: Feminists needed happiness like a fish needs a bicycle.”

Well, I consider happiness as the ultimate measure of well-being, so any movement aiming at improving the well-being of any group should have this as its ultimate aim. Of course we MRAs know full well that the aim of 95% of feminists was to fill their own pockets, hurt men they’ve hated with a passion and/or to further their marxist agenda, no matter the cost to others. Not only they’ve never cared about the happiness of women, they have actively pursued goals they knew would hurt women.

Feminism made women miserable? Pamela says: Well, we’ve never said it wouldn’t. What a brilliant defence.

Let’s reexamine the title of her article: “Who Ever Said That Feminism Was About Your Happiness?” [emphasis mine]. Time to draw conclusions: Feminism exists to make feminists happy, women be damned.

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4 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Wait, what? Feminism wasn’t about women’s happiness? Then someone please tell me what the divorce rate is all about, if not the Phyrric pursuit of happiness.

  2. Richard says:

    Damn. You just whacked some bottoms across the globe bro.

  3. Simon Grey says:

    “Feminism made women miserable? Pamela says: Well, we’ve never said it wouldn’t.”

    Then what, exactly, is the point of it? Families are destroyed and wrecked, children develop behavior problems, men are unhappy, women are unhappy, and everything is made worse. Is this simply nihilism for its own sake? If so, then why should anyone even listen to you, let alone follow your advice?

    I guess some people just want to watch the world burn.

  4. alistair says:

    The Pyrric pursuit of power and control….the sado-masocistic surrogate for happiness.

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