Well… Let’s see

Maximus writes in his latest article at In Mala Fide:

I want to know in comments to this piece just how many people are awake, or asleep, to what is of ACTUAL IMPORTANCE in the world today that they should be giving a damn about.  I want this to be the single most commented blog article on the Internet.  I want this piece to go viral if at all possible.

Go there and read what’s all this is about.

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3 Responses to Well… Let’s see

  1. Sean says:

    It’s about six thousand pages long, that’s what it’s about. Pack a fucking lunch.

  2. Deansdale says:

    Yeah. It’s too long, but I did read it nevertheless.
    I think it’s an important topic, regardless of you (or me) agreeing with him or not. The time has come to talk about these things openly. Those times are gone when people could sweep it under the carpet with a mindless “conspiracy-nut” comment.
    If half of what he says is true, or even just 10%…

  3. alistair says:


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