The feminist solution to all problems

The feminist solution to all problems is that men should change. “I have a problem so you should change” – says every feminist every time, and they never recognize their own blatant hypocrisy and arrogance.

Well, there’s one exception: when they say that women should raise their expectations on men. Like that’s even possible. The last thing we need on this planet is more entitlement-princess mentality.

I found a link with these promising words:

“Men may be jerks,” my husband likes to occasionally declare, “but women are insane.”

And it continues well from that point:

I hate to admit it, but he’s right-and anyone who has spent two years living in a sorority house filled with alpha girls (I’m raising my hand) can attest that this is true.

But the rest of the article is the usual shite. I particularly liked this short paragraph, because I can not count the problems I have with it on all my hands and feet:

None of this excuses bad behavior from men, as Hymowitz points out. But the fact is that women who are sick of child-men will have little luck trying to change the knowledge economy. They’re certainly happy that birth control and feminism are here to stay. The one thing they can change, however, is their own behavior, their standards, and their expectations.

Bad behavior from men? Considering we’re talking about Hymowitz’ book “Manning Up” here, I reckon by bad behavior she means playing games on PS3 and drinking beer. But are these “bad behaviour” in need of “excusing”? Come on. They try to shame men for enjoying life and independence, which they promoted for decades for women. And they still do. A classic feminist fallacy: okay for women but not for men. If you listen to feminists, every male behavior is bad behavior.

trying to change the knowledge economy“? Because you find beer-drinking, PS3-playing guys repulsive? Oh my God. These n+1th wave, “grrrl power” “independent” “empowered” feminists are anything but. They encounter something they don’t like and they immediately run crying to the government to make it force those ‘evil men’ to change. They have forced the government to change the workplace, sports, education and so much more to suit their needs – men be damned -, but they’re still not satisfied. Even more changing needs to be done, apparently until all women are satisfied, which is kinda’ dodgy, because according to every measure women are less and less satisfied day by day. It does not occur to many of them that if there’s some kind of friction between them and the world, maybe it’s them who should change. Like Anthony de Mello says:

If it is peace you want, seek to change yourself, not other people. It is easier to protect your feet with slippers than to carpet the whole of the earth.

They’re certainly happy that birth control and feminism are here to stay.” Well oh well. This is akin to saying that male-bashing is mighty fine, but men must serve women and their needs better. Actually it’s a lot more stupid than that. Many radical feminists have explicitly said that the nuclear family must be destroyed, and it’s a barely concealed aim of their general movement as well. So saying that feminism is okay but more men should marry shows a basic lack of logic and understanding. If a woman wants men to marry, the first and foremost thing she needs to do is to protest against feminism.

they can change, however, their own behavior, their standards, and their expectations” Let’s make this clear: by “changing their own behaviour” Hymowitz does not mean to be more agreeable, or at least more tolerable. What she means is women should raise their expectations, which is, as I already stated, the last thing we need.

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5 Responses to The feminist solution to all problems

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  2. Great blog, I’ll add it to recommended blogs and websites on my own blog Keep up the good work!

    Mike Buchanan

  3. Jennie says:

    Actually, men DO need to change. Its because of you guys that the world is such a dangerous and violent place to live in. Just read your daily newspaper! I read the NY Daily News everyday ( its not just about NYC happenings, but all of the happenings all over the world, and in other US states. Take some responsibility for your gender, will ya?? All I read about is men murdering their wives, girlfriends, and kids (and usually offing themselves too!), rapes, assaults, mass shootings, men hurting animals, corruption (which is exclusively male behavior), male teachers statutory raping their female students, child porn (you guys seem to love this, because the statistics say male viewing of it is an epidemic — as well as sexual assault and RAPE..Shall I go on? Us women are NOT the ones that are doing this. Oh, and also, in other countries, women are honor killed, stoned, being forced to have their vaginas sewed up, lit on fire, beaten, raped, etc. Who is responsible for all of these atrocities? MEN!! Great job, guys! This is all something to be very proud of! Obviously, you guys have no respect for human life, so YES you do need to change your repulsive behavior! You are ruining the world, the planet, and committing femicide-one woman and girl at a time.

  4. Deansdale says:

    Another strong, independent wymyn begging men to do her bidding while attacking them viciously. Maybe if you’s ask nicely… A blowjob might sweeten the deal.

    On a more serious note, rape is at a 30 year low, and the DOJ just came out saying that the 1-in-5 rape myth is a feminist lie you dumbass. You couldn’t have chosen a worse moment for this tyrade.

  5. Deansdale says:

    “child porn (you guys seem to love this, because the statistics say male viewing of it is an epidemic”

    Woman Convicted of Downloading Child Porn to Frame Husband Gets Jail

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