The measure of women’s equality

The measure of women’s equality seems to be women’s absolute power, regardless of how they fair compared to men. Or how else could anyone explain that women comprising 70% of fresh university graduates is called “equality” by feminists? Or that the explicitly gender-unequal laws like VAWA or IMBRA are “for equality” according to them? Any time feminists talk about equality one can be sure that they are referreing to something which is not equal at all, in any fathomable meaning of the word.

The destruction of male spaces while creating women-only spaces is equality?
Giving away free positions in education, jobs or government to women only is equality?
Giving women more lenient sentences for the same crime is equality?

Measuring the percentage of women in the government or in high-flying management jobs does not say sh*t about real equality between men and women. Real equality would be if any mention of gender would be purged from the lawbooks. All the laws should apply the same to men and women, and that would be perfect equality. No VAWA, no Title IX, no any other bullshit.

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