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Women on facebook are now ‘heroines’

Women on the net are now ‘heroines’, at least according to Aileen Lee, guest writer at TechCrunch. Female users are the unsung heroines behind the most engaging, fastest growing, and most valuable consumer internet and e-commerce companies. Especially when it … Continue reading

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Well… Let’s see

Maximus writes in his latest article at In Mala Fide: I want to know in comments to this piece just how many people are awake, or asleep, to what is of ACTUAL IMPORTANCE in the world today that they should … Continue reading

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A comment too good to let it fade away

Anonymous writes at Whiskey’s: There is a concept of third generational decline. The idea being that among successful people the first generation is aggressive and talented. They typically work very hard and build a business, quite often in industries that … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

Pamela Haag, a feminist, writes in The Huffington Post: Who Ever Said That Feminism Was About Your Happiness? “To paraphrase a feminist canard, circa 1968: Feminists needed happiness like a fish needs a bicycle.” Well, I consider happiness as the … Continue reading

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The mentality of modern women

From one of the comments at the Good Mangina Project: “I married a guy with less education and in the end I had to pay him both child and spousal support. I know it’s a double standard, but a guy … Continue reading

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Where’s Fedrz when you need him?

There’s this “Proposal for a White House Council on Boys to Men“. It seems the authors have good intentions but they miss the point completely. The solution is not to create new institutions or laws but to abolish existing bad … Continue reading

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I can’t even get mad anymore

The Good Man Project presented us with an article about MRAs written by an angry feminist. That’s right; who else would you ask to write about MRAs? Unsurprisingly the feminist idiot thinks the answer to men’s problems is more feminism. … Continue reading

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