Eternal solipsism

Paige comments at Dalrock’s:

A man who sleeps with a ton of women is lowering each of their SMV and in so doing is creating more un-marriageable women.

You see, it’s not that women are lowering their own values by slutting around; it’s the men’s fault!

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7 Responses to Eternal solipsism

  1. John says:

    What a dolt!

    “It’s because of men that I’m a slut!”

    No honey. It’s because “you” and the rest of your slutty sisters (note the word surrounded by apostrophe’s) made and continue to make very poor decisions.

    Your SMV is lowered because the sexual/LTR marketplace is akin to visiting a car dealership where every car, truck, and S.U.V. is priced identically. Guess what? “Brand New” is a good choice! Slightly used with really low mileage with a Kelly Blue Book rating of “excellent” is the next best choice. “Value” descends in order of condition. If your own personal driving habits have turned you into a high-mileage clunker with faded paint, tattered and torn upholstery, a cracked windshield, dings all over the place and fluids dripping out all over the pavement, guess what? Nobody wants to buy you!

    Poor little Paige and the rest of the slutsterhood!

    What she doesn’t seem to understand is that “condition” affects “value.” Down at the very bottom of the Kelly Blue Book ratings is a category that generally drives (pardon the pun!) the potential buyer away as well as finance companies in an instant. Kelly doesn’t even list a price for rigs in this category. If I remember correctly, the wording is “Salvage Title, Flood.” The sexual marketplace/long-term relationship analogy is as follows – If you keep driving yourself into bridge abutments on a regular basis you have “Salvage Title” and “Flood” accurately describing your “value.” In effect, you have made yourself worthless. You were the one doing the driving, not the bridge. Ergo, don’t blame the bridge for your poor driving habits.

    I hope this analogy goes viral.

  2. (R)Evolutionary says:

    Alpha Agents of righteous karma
    working the cocka
    to perfect defects in the SMV.

    Without Alpha Agents of Righteous Karma, the dinged up, leaky ol’ beaters with 300k miles would be priced like the brand-spankin’ new models
    right off the showroom floor.

    They don’t stay new for long, though. Find a sweet one, drive it like it’s stolen on the test drive, and if it gives you trouble or breaks down early, trade it in quick. If you find a quality model that can take your driving habits, lock it down with a month-to-month lease–one with no early lease termination penalty.

  3. Paige says:

    I made the argument that it doesn’t make sense to praise P-n-Ders when they contribute to poorer choices in the relationship market place.

    I never said women are not responsible for their actions. You read into my comment stuff that wasn’t there.

  4. Deansdale says:

    Look, I have nothing against you personally, but the sentence I quote from you is speaking for itself. Men “creating” un-marriageable women? Come on…

  5. Paige says:

    Perhaps a better term would be “contributing”.

  6. alistair says:

    piage, i see your point…..but women want to get the best deal, and it seems to come in the form of the alpha steamroller psychopath who has no regard for women…not that she (her uterus) knows that.

    now, not all alphas are steamroller psychopaths…but to de-flower the innocent and then rush off before she stops blushing is irresponsible.

    while many of my friends were banging away, i was cringing at the emotional damage some of these guys were creating….and many of those same guys are projecting their guilt as we speak.

    many men say they want emotional attachment….now that they are older, but the hump and dump mentality belies an anthropological imperative outside of politics and sociology.

    the answer? i don`t know, but we certainly need to be a lot more honest about our true motives in situations.

  7. alistair says:

    so go back to the automobile analogy for a moment, if you take out the brand new ferrari and thrash it for the week-end…does that treatment lessen it`s value? and are you, as the driver, somehow responsible, if not culpable for the damage?

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