Sucker Punch

Yeah, I’m talking about the movie. I watched it yesterday.

I was in love with it ever since I saw the trailer. Of course it’s not Shakespeare or Scorsese or sthg’ but it shouldn’t be. It’s bleedingly obvious that it was created explicitly for those who enjoy stunning fight scenes. The girls are just a bonus :) It’s the next generation of fight movies: the ninja movies of the 80’s, the terminator/demolition style action flicks of the 90’s and the action-thrillers of the last decade. Sucker punch is a combination of all those, coupled with the best CGI ever. It strikes me as disctinctly male. It is for men. I reckon this is why it’s being attacked so vehemently by the lame-stream media, especially the ever-so-leftist NY beta times. It’s for men, and it’s not apologetic about it. Oh, the shame…

Strange thing is that 99% of the critics can not specify their problems with the movie, they just tend to imply that it was “too male”, or nothing more than male fantasy. So what?! Being a “male fantasy” automatically makes it bad? Get lost. And to those (like the NYT mangina critic) who can’t comprehend that this movie has nothing to do with feminism, “empowerment” or whatever, and who think it is a “fantasia of misogyny” I say fuck off, idiots. It was trendy being a feminazi for a few decades but your time is up. Your pathetic accusations about some misty intangible “misogyny” does not mean anything nowadays. It only serves to help us recognize you for the retarded soulless bigot you are.

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4 Responses to Sucker Punch

  1. alistair says:

    hmmm, other than “when the levee breaks” by led zeppelin, this seems to be more of the grrrl power rhetoric in hollywood movies nowadays……yawn.

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  2. Deansdale says:

    I did not find any grrrl power rhetoric in it. On the contrary, it was kinda’ realistic about the girls being unable to kick the men’s ass in the real world.
    All in all it was just a bit of anime-style fun for men. “The personal is political”, the feminazis say, but this movie was a personal story without any wider implications.
    And take it easy, man. You see feminism everywhere, even if it’s not there. Don’t let it poison you.

  3. infiniium says:

    Hey, I thought we were gonna watch this together.

  4. alistair says:

    i did say it seemed that way, with the kill bill martial arts spinning and so on….but poisoned? i guess i have been. i didn`t watch the whole thing though, to be fair…maybe there are some redeeming qualities to the film, but i already know that women can`t beat men up in a fair fight and don`t need to have it characterised in a film for entertainment.

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