The comment of the day

The article “When Titanic Sank 99 Years Ago This Week, People Were More Honest About Gender Roles Than They Are Today” is very well written, but it was this comment by Mananon that really caught my eye:

“It must be admitted that the lives of women are more useful to the race than the lives of men.”

So said a suffragette.

If you were wondering why more is spent on the health and welfare of women than of men – there you go. If this is what a ‘patriarchy’ looks like I dread to think how a matriarchy would be.

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1 Response to The comment of the day

  1. Richard says:

    The funny part is – we know what a “matriarchy” looks like – more of the same – only on steroids, combined with out-of-control narcissistic women.

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