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Everybody supports rape

Hey, Ferdinand, thanks a lot for making me laugh, and also thanks for sending me to that feminist bitch’s place where I literally laughed out loud reading her first comment on her own article. She answers to a guy telling … Continue reading

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Feminism and Vaginism

Vaginism is the involuntary contraction – a spasm – of the muscles surrounding the vagina, caused by any object getting near or touching the vagina. It affects a woman’s ability to engage in any form of vaginal penetration, including sexual … Continue reading

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From the Spearhead: “It is becoming increasingly clear that whatever grievances that existed in the beginning of second wave feminism no longer exist, or are nearing the point of irrelevance, and additional measures are undertaken purely in self-interest to the … Continue reading

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Daily LOL

Amanda Marcotte wrote this: Clarisse is right to say feminists haven’t really responded to the plaintive cries of self-described “nice guys” who claim they want non-sexist dating advice that works “Non-sexist dating advice”? You mean, like, asexual? Let’s see how … Continue reading

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The feminist mindset

Feminist professor Andrea Doucet wrote this when talking about the debate at the good mangina project: “For separated and divorced fathers, for example, there is ample narrative and statistical evidence to suggest that fathers mourn the loss of their children.” Feminists … Continue reading

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