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Lying Badman?

The “Ultimate Men’s Summit” is over, and the recording of the segment with Paul Elam is not available for download. A fuckin’ shame. But at least now it’s clear where they stand.

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Best description of NAFALT ever

Via What Men Are Saying About Women, originally posted by Hunting for Archetypes: NAFALT! (yawn) edited to clarify: This is how an MRA hears that argument… “Hey, I know we feminists are all on the same team, and wear the … Continue reading

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Top Rated Diets?

There’s a list of diets at listing 20 different diets sorted by how healthy they are according to “professionals”. Of course Atkins and Paleo are the last two on the list: professionals say these diets are the works of … Continue reading

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Lecture No. 12 After tearing apart entire cities and cultures, after having ground countless men down beneath their tank treads, the feminist army is confronted by one man who has picked up a rock, ready to throw it. Teary-eyed, her … Continue reading

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A Father’s Day Letter to President Obama “I wanted to suggest that you now have a prime example to present to the American people of a good man stepping up as a father. His name is Thomas James Ball. And … Continue reading

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That’s unexpected

I have registered myself for “The ultimate men’s summit“. They’ve sent me an email but gmail blocked the pictures, so I noticed that the TUMS logo is named “InspiringWomen-email.jpg” WTF?

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