Top Rated Diets?

There’s a list of diets at listing 20 different diets sorted by how healthy they are according to “professionals”. Of course Atkins and Paleo are the last two on the list: professionals say these diets are the works of satan.

Thing is, they have an open voting system with the question “Did this diet work for you?“. People have answered a solid “no” for 17 of the 20 diets. Only 3 diets actually worked, and I reckon you’ve already guessed where this is heading. Yes, they have voted Paleo the best, with Atkins and “weight watchers diet” tied closely at second place. Go there and check out the numbers for yourselves.

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3 Responses to Top Rated Diets?

  1. The Paleo community is small but very active online, so I suspect they voted quite heavily on these polls.

    Which is not to say the Paleo thing is bad at all. It seems one of the sanest things in eating for a long time.

  2. Keoni Galt says:

    While that’s a good point Athol, another major difference here is that “Paleo” is not just another “diet” in which a person adopts it long enough to lose weight…than resume eating the normal foods that got them fat in the first place.

    Paleo is about gaining a true understanding of precisely what foods contribute to weight gain and ill health, and learning which foods have been demonized by the mainstream that are actually good for your health. It’s not a “diet” so much as it is a lifestyle change.

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