Joke of the month

Feminists, and their idiocy… This particular example from No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz? made me laugh out loud, and I do mean loud:

[the MRA’s comment] wasn’t actively hateful and it did contain… actual points… of a sort, so there was really no valid way to delete it according to the comment policy. :( I suggest we ignore him.


So, it wasn’t hateful and it contained valid points. What to do with it? Ignore it! And this is coming from a blog specifically about men’s issues, ffs!

Problem is, feminists are doing this, ie. ignoring men’s issues since forever. And these are the people who want us to believe they care about men and they are working on solutions?! Come on, don’t be ridiculous. The moment a men shows up with admittedly valid points they try to shut him down. I mean, yeah, really: the comment in question was the actual first comment on that blog.

So much for feminist good will towards men.

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1 Response to Joke of the month

  1. Holy Counsel says:

    I thought the sidebar was nice touch. I recognized where I was the moment I saw those feminists blogs roll by.

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