White Knights and Manginas

Enicrou comments at Snark’s:

The lie that most men don’t give a shit about women allows a man who actually does to feel like he’s special. As such, he mistakes his biological programming to defer to and protect women as some unique and wonderful quality.

Further, these men think that since treating a woman with decency is such a revolutionary act, then surely treating them a bit special, with exaggerated leniency and maybe a bit of old-fashioned chivalry, is even better. A little extra to make up for the brutal treatment this woman has suffered from men her entire life.

Multiply this attitude across hundreds of millions of men, and you get impenetrable female privilege. It’s the result of many foolish men trying to prove themselves the exception to the fabricated rule.

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7 Responses to White Knights and Manginas

  1. Richard says:

    Yeah, by convincing men that women believe they are hated by them, they do in fact put men on the defensive right from the gate.

    In addition to that, it is a way to take focus off of the hatred that women have for men – as is obvious by the recent “The Talk” on CBS.

    No female audience members walked out, booed, or made any form of protest.

    All I heard was laughter.

  2. Drew says:

    This is bollocks! This is a hard cruel world and sometimes women do need assistance in life. I “white knighted” a female who is married now. You guys chase whores for pump and dumps and then you whinge about “manginas”? Dont you see your lack of logic? Women are the equal opposites of men. You cannot get rid of either sex. Most men i meet are statistically dipshits. Like women are to blame for being raised by alcoholic molesting abusive arseholes! The only manginas I know are cops and judges and lawyers….otherwise people have no effect on my reality.

  3. Jennifer says:

    True Drew, but his point is overcompensation.

  4. Deansdale says:

    This is a hard cruel world and sometimes women do need assistance in life.
    Ah yes, teh poor wymynz. This modern western world is cruel mostly because feminism made it so, and then again, it is more cruel towards men. But don’t let me distract you from saving women who continously abuse and humiliate men.
    Apart from this, can you really not see that you are the perfect example for what I’m talking about? You think that most men are scum, and you’re the exception. You’re living in a feminist lie. You actually are trying to prove yourself the exception to the fabricated rule.

    You guys chase whores for pump and dumps
    And we also live on the moon, yep.

    you whinge about “manginas”?
    Well, yes and no. I acknowledge that there are men out there who think of themselves as knights in shining armor, protecting princesses from hordes of brutes. I also acknowledge that most of these “princesses” are horrid little creatures spitting in the faces of brutes and manginas alike. In most cases they hate the knights even more than they hate the brutes. Go figure.
    But the main problem is that nasty and vile women get away with practically everything because manginas will protect them no matter what. You kick a cat and you serve more time in prison than a woman who kills her husband in his sleep. Un-fuckin’-believable.

    You cannot get rid of either sex.
    WTF? Who wants to get rid of either sex? Apart from feminists like Mary Daly, I mean… MRAs were never against women. We fight against feminism.

    Most men i meet are statistically dipshits.
    And you are sooo much better than them, yeah, yeah. Because it is unimaginable that most men are good, is it not? You see this is where you’re wrong. You fell for a retarded feminist lie hook, line and sinker.

    Like women are to blame for being raised by alcoholic molesting abusive arseholes!
    Women commit more child abuse than men. But you don’t care about facts because you “know” that women are angels and men are demons. Apart from you of course, because you’re a unique being; you’re completely different than all the brutes.

  5. Holy Counsel says:


    Forgive me, but I’m new. Is Drew your sock puppet? Because his response is damn funny, considering what he just read.

    And a point you missed – exact opposites? Well then it is back to the kitchen, girls, because men work and women stay home. No driving, no voting, and we men certainly don`t want to hear your opinion. Is this what you are advocating?

  6. Deansdale says:

    No he’s not, but you gave me a good idea :D

  7. evilwhitemalempire says:

    So perhaps this is the reason why feminists perpetuate the myth of male power and control.
    Precisely to manipulate the male mind in the fashion Enicrou describes?
    Dude wants pussy.
    Pussy say’s “Men are mean to me all the time!”
    So dude gets ‘novel’ idea: ‘Then that means if I’m real good to her I’m BOUND to score big time!’
    Like getting someone to agree to buy a lot of say 4$/gallon gas on the unstated IMPLICATION that it’s loads cheaper.

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