Fatherhood? What is that?

Elusive Wapiti has a great new article. Excerpt:

The choice mommy debate in our society is a curious one, one that seems to speak out of both sides of its mouth while coherently attacking the one institution that renders the debate moot: fatherhood. Here’s what I mean: on one hand, the traditionalists rightly bemoan the hordes of choice mommies out there, intuiting as they do–and the data backs their sense of propriety–that children fare much better when they have the social investment both mother and father. However, heir cultural blinders still exclusively blame men for broken homes, and they shame the father for abandoning his woman and her brood in such a state of vulnerability.

The feminists/secularists, for their part, celebrate the exclusive control that choice motherhood grants to Women, Inc., yet recognize that a woman on her own often lacks the resources (time, energy, money) to successfully matriculate her children. Such excess resources generally reside with men.  As a result, they covet the resources of men and seek ways to separate a man from his resources in such a way as to be able to lay claim to the fruits of his labor, all while discarding the man.  Again we see a heavy dollop of shame for putatively shirking his financial responsibilities to the abandoned woman and her brood in their state of vulnerability.

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One Response to Fatherhood? What is that?

  1. Oldpuller says:

    Exactly, a man and his resources come together and leave together. I do not help my wife and children except as much as I must legally. Of course if the children stay with me it is a different matter.

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