Best post ever

From Dalrock:

“But the completeness of feminism’s victory is also its core problem.  They control all of the institutions, but we are still here.  Millions of men and women still haven’t accepted the mantra of feminism.  Despite all of their efforts and having all levers of state and society available to them, the glorious new breed of woman they envisioned hasn’t come to be. And she won’t come to be.  What more can feminists try except more of the same?

Now is the time for the insurgency.  While there won’t be mass coordinated action, this doesn’t mean that individuals won’t respond to the post feminist reality and make choices which are in their own best interest.”

And I also agree with commenter rstj:

“Now all I have left is teaching my son.”

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1 Response to Best post ever

  1. Dalrock says:

    Thanks for the kind words and the linkage!

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