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Let’s try this another way

Game is a collection of huge excel spreadsheets. It contains data from thousands of guys doing millions of social experiments. They wrote down what the effect of their behaviour was in certain situations. It goes something like this: (The data … Continue reading

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Now, for the love of God, what the F*CK is game?!

I wrote about this subject some time ago but it seems the old answers just don’t cut it anymore. I stand by everything I have written on game in the past but I have to elaborate more if I want … Continue reading

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Does game work?

I’ve been reading a lot about game lately and there’s one thing that strikes me: There are dozens, if not hundreds of valid stories out there, everyday guys talking about how game changed their lives for the better. OTOH I’ve … Continue reading

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Divide and Conquer

It seems the storm is over, the PUA vs. MRA debate is over. I have to admit I did not read a line of it. Why should I? Tell me, which one is better or more important or true or … Continue reading

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