Divide and Conquer

It seems the storm is over, the PUA vs. MRA debate is over. I have to admit I did not read a line of it. Why should I?

Tell me, which one is better or more important or true or righteous or whatever: a fishing boat or a sports car? A nice steak or a fine wine? The left leg or the right?

Do I really have to choose?

F*ck this stupid shit that totally unnecessarily divided the manosphere into (at least) two parts. We should unite and fight against our common enemies.

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3 Responses to Divide and Conquer

  1. Buck Swamp says:

    You’re kind of making Paul Elam’s point. It’s not that MRAs and PUAs are in some sort of conflict, but rather that they’re two completely separate things. It’s possible to be both. It’s also possible to be one or the other. And it’s possible to be neither.

  2. fidelbogen says:


    Yea, they are two completely separate things.

  3. John Rambo says:

    Zero Tolerance Man’s blog got hacked, but he has started a new blog at:

    American Woman Bitch by the Zero Tolerance Man

    Zero Tolerance Man has the most powerful anti-feminist blog on the net, because he is directly attacking feminist women and showing what worthless cunts they truly are.

    Here is from his “Why Did I create this website” page:

    Because most American women are worthless toilet bowl turds. They are nothing but parasites feeding off the hard work of men. Are men better than women in the USA? ABSOLUTELY. The only thing American women are good for is nagging, complaining, and spending men’s money. Most are not even worth fucking. They suck in bed and thus, have absolutely no value to the good men of the USA.

    Please send a link to this blog to all your friends.

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