Feminism makes women miserable

Feminism can only flourish where women are angry. Happy, calm and content women do not go on marches or slutwalks. But the supply of women with a chip permanently screwed to their shoulders is limited, so if feminists want to spread their dogma they have to create more miserable women. This is why they keep talking about negative things, this is why they use cheap scare tactics on other women. Dontcha’ know they’re out to get you? Men just want to rape you, sista’! Every last one of them, the dirty bastards.

They never talk about anything positive, because what would be the use of talking about women leading more comfortable and carefree lifestyles than ever before? It would only make woman relaxed, maybe even peaceful. They might just throw away their “castrate!” banners and go on building a happy family or some other wicked shit.

The very existence of feminism depends on there being enough angry women, so if they don’t have enough, they create some. It’s ironic how feminism is the strongest where women have it the best – scandinavia, the anglosphere… These women are the most pampered princesses in the history of this beautiful planet and yet it is the same women who yell the most about being opressed. It’s because these are the places where the feminist propaganda infuriating women is the loudest, to put it simply. They are bombarded with maddening lies on a daily basis and it makes them mad.

Now, some might say that we MRAs do the same: we scare men in order to gain momentum for our movement. This of course is patently false, because most men become MRAs after being seriously assraped by women or the family courts, or seeing their relatives going through the process. (Most wymyn become feminists by indoctrination at school.) Also worth mentioning is that although we often talk about scary shit, we don’t need to fabricate BS like feminists do. We don’t need to come up with lies like 5 out of 4 girls are raped daily, or that stay-at-home wives are oppressed by their husbands because they are forced to do whatever the f*ck they want (be it watching ungodly amounts of tell-a-vision, sitting in starbucks chatting for hours with Sex&NY wannabes, composing music or learning quantum physics just for fun) while their husbands have the luxury and enjoyment of spending half their waking hours for their entire adult life in a 3m2 cubicle they hate doing repetitive menial tasks they hate for a boss they hate. Contrary to these lunacies the things we speak of are real, for example 50% of marrieges do end in divorce, leaving 40-45% percent of all men happily smiling on their wedding photos while cutting the cake without their children, their home and a sizable portion of their future income.

Furthermore, we don’t want men to be scared, we want them to think. (Again the polar opposite of what feminists want from women.) We want men to think before they act, to give themselves – and their families – a better chance at a happy life. By warning men of the dangers ahead we aim to make them happier, not angrier. That realising said dangers do anger many of them is a sad side effect we cannot avoid.

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6 Responses to Feminism makes women miserable

  1. The Quest For 50 says:

    Really great post. Well articulated.

  2. Why any intelligent, self preserving, masculine and dignified male would bother to actually MARRY an American or Westernized (god don’t even whisper Canadian lest your mouth be hit by lightning) douche with a vagina, is completely foreign to me. I think its much wiser he invest his time in his stock portfolio, home, motorcycle, boats and career/business and get as much vagina as he wants when time permits from all the single douchebags out there who sucked up Oprah and belched out their demands as “independent” ghoules… thinking they could hoodwink intelligent men into their soft sold demands. WE all know what home wrecking twats they have become, how many men’s livelihoods and children have been ransacked/stolen by the locusts calling themselves “women”. There are NO WOMEN In the Western world you have to go to the MIddle East, Asia or South America to find them. Men are getting the last laugh as these idiots reach 45, miserable, alone with their cats and 3 college degrees, whining that men just didn’t jump their hoops and hurdles and go along with their demands… isn’t it funny. Its wholly amusing they ever imagined that had that much power over men to entice them into something unnatural and demeaning to their gender… feminism is disgusting. its an affront to men and women and God’s design for the two genders. Women who soft sell it should be shunned and dumped. Any woman who puts money, her career and her masculinization over her natural role as a female, mother, wife and nurturer of the family first, should be immediately shunned and marginalized in society. I think this is happening on its own as more and more men realize how freaking miserable these women make us and how absurd they actually are to be around. They think they have testicles by day and a vagina at night, they make no sense, and are gender disoriented. We need a good dose of pure masculine chauvanism to put that crap back in its place. I wholly embrace male chauvanism as the best antidote to feminazi lunacy. Its much more amusing to watch them flip out than listen to their demands.

  3. Stuff says:

    Feminists beliefs were the cause of the higher treatment of women in Scandinavia. Seen in this order, there is nothing illogical about the strength of feminism in Scandinavia.

    Feminism did not follow higher treatment, as you claim.

    By the way, I like how your showing your engagement ring eclipses your fiace’s face.

  4. Jake says:

    Yea, well. I for one have no issue with feminists. These days, if I meet some girl traveling through one of the countries I’m chilling in, if she’s cute, if she claims to be a feminist (only American, interestingly enough), I know one thing … she hasn’t gotten a seriously got F***K lately. Invariably, we remedy that in short order.

    On the other hand, the feminist blogs, that’s just messed up: http://www.cedonulli.com/feminists-fat-chick-blogs/

  5. Great article. Well written, good points.

    Found this by accident, clicking on a link at theantifeminist.com

    check out human-stupidity.com, feel free to comment. Choose a topic like mens rights,

  6. RIchard says:

    I’ve been married for 6 years, 3rd marriage, two kids, no kids from previous ones… i’m 42 and looking back on it all, i can’t see what any women ever gave me…. other than

    1,) the odd plate of food, which a.) i can make for myself, or b.) enjoy quite cheaply in a restaurant….

    2.) Sex, which a.) I don’t need to make commitment for, and b.) can buy quite cheaply (and legally now) in a brothel…. ok it’s not quite the same as a cosy long term thing…. but after the kids arrived that’s fleeting now at best… and not because of the kids but because of her attitude….. it’s far more fleeting than it would be if I had a few girls friends on speed dial for the weekends…..

    3.) Company, but frankly over time, men make much more interesting company than most women and a lot of women even admit it. Women are too caught up in what they look like and what people think of them, and biological clock and frankly a ton of social garbage, corporate marketing, gossip,… keeping up with the jones and worrying about other peoples crappy lives.

    If women had put the effort into building a real intelligent educated social structure, like the men built the physical and technological structure (yes MEN built it all) otherwise we’d still be living in caves… If women had done what the men have done, in a feminine way…….. we’d be in paradise… but from what i can see, women aren’t good for much other than sex and having babies…. they whine and nag and complain at every turn…. instead of addressing real problems and coming with solutions…… they haven’t done anything… they are the same savages from 50,000 years ago….. they paint their faces and wear silly clothes just like pigmies in the jungle still do…… the pant suits brigade, don’t help, they are just men with cunts competing for men’s jobs…instead of doing real women’s jobs… and i am not talking about cleaning cooking and housework, I am talking about building a solid social structure, a community, a stability….

    If the president’s wives were best friends, the 2 countries would never go to war… would they now ? if the president’s wives and the general’s wives sucked a bit harder, we’d never go to war would we now ?

    4.) The negatives and expenses of living with a tribal savage woman, pile up to the moon….

    5,) The kids are cool, a lot of fun, but frankly a waste of time… if i wanted to live with screaming kids and a stressed out women in my house, I would have moved to Africa and opened an orphanage….

    The whole thing sucks… I just like my peace… I’m perfectly happy on my own….

    To hell with it all….

    And steer clear you’ve been warned….my wife ‘was’ smart, educated, intelligent, horny, kinky, the perfect companion… now she’s an angry, stressed, depressive, frigid, moody nightmare….

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